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i think 42 hundredths

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Q: What is seven and one-fourths minus six and five-sixths?
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What is seven minus a negative six equals?

Seven minus a negative six equals a positive one

What is six and seven eights minus four?

Your question doesn't make sense, it should be "What is six and seven eighths minus four" not six and seven eights, it makes it confusing. Anywho, (67/8) - (4) = (27/8) Bah humbug.

Six and seven eighths minus one sixth?

Six and fifteen twenty-fourths

What is seven eighths minus six eighths?


What is seven minus six?

(Jaleb) everyone knows that 1.

What is seven eighths minus one eighth?

Six eights.

What is seven tens minus one ten?

Seven tens minus one ten(70-10) equals six tens(60).

Is minus 7 smaller than the number 6?

for starters it is negative seven not minus seven. and yes it is smaller than six because zero is the middle and since negative seven is smaller than it and six is larger it is obvious that negative seven is smaller.

What is eight p plus seven is nine p minus six?

the answer is no

What is negative six tenths minus negative seven tenths?

-6/10 minus -7/10 is 1/10

What is seven and one sixth minus six and one third?


What is six minus five and four over seven?

3 over 7

How much is four times seven minus six divided by two?


Seven and one fifths minus six and two fifths equals?

4/5 is the answer.

What is nine point six minus five point seven?

9.6 - 5.7 = 3.9

What is seven and two thirds minus three and five six?

three and five sixths

What is eight over nine minus six over seven?

2 over 63

How do you write 7y - 46 in words?


What is one and five eighths minus seven eights?

Six eighths, or three fourths.

What is seven fourths minus six sevenths?

49/28 - 24/48 = 25/48

What is four times minus six?

Four times minus six is minus twenty four.

What is the answere to the fraction. six over seven minus five over seven?

6/7 - 5/7 = 1/7

What is 6- - 7- equal?


What is six over fourteen minus two over seven?

6/14 minus 2/7 = 3/7 - 2/7 = 1/7

Seven more than six times a number is negative 47 what is th number?

minus 9