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13 over 14

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Q: What is seven over eight minus one over three?
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What is seven over sixteen minus three over eight?

4 over 8

What is seven over eight minus five over eight?

2/8 or 1/4

What is one whole minus one over eighth?

seven over eight

What is eight over nine minus six over seven?

2 over 63

What is eight over nine minus one over three?

5 over 9.

One minus three over eight equals what?

5 over 8

What is eight over nine minus two over three?


What is eight and a half minus seven over eight?

81/2 − 7/8 = 75/8

What is seven ninths minus three eighths?

29 over 72

What is the answer to 2 three over eight plus 1 seven over eight?


What is the solution for Three and one third minus eight over three?

3 1/3 minus 8/3 is 2/3.

What is negative 20 over 8 minus 7 and three over eight?


What is x squared plus seven over eight times x minus x over eight?

I'm pretty sure it's x sqaured plus seven

What is the difference of two over three minus three over eight?

2/3 − 3/8 = 7/24

What is 1 whole minus 28 over 100?

One minus twenty-eight over 100 equals -.27 or Negative twenty-seven hundredths.

What do you add to three and three over eight to make seven?

three and 5 over 8 = 7

Eight minus w over ten equals three over five?

yazen is so cool

What is seven over nine minus one over three?

Converting all to ninths, that is 7 over 9 minus 3 over 9 which gives 4 over 9 as the answer.

What is 3 minus negative one over two plus seven?

The solution to three minus negative one over two plus seven is 21/2. In decimal form, the solution is 10.5.

What is eight over nine minus three over four?

Five (5) over Thirty six (36). Or, roughly .13888888889.

What is negative four over seven minus negative eleven over eight?

-4/7 − -11/8 = 45/56

What is seven over eight plus three over sixteen?

1 and 1 over 16

What is 7 over eight minus three over ten equal?

7/8 − 3/10 = 23/40

What is the reciprocal of three and seven eighths?

eight over thirty one

How do you solve eight minus two and three fourths?

turn 8 into 8 over 8 and solve from there.