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Q: What is seven plus two thirds equal?
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What is two thirds plus one half plus two thirds?

Seven thirds

What does one half plus two thirds equal?

seven sixths so 1whole and a sixth

What is the mixed number for seven thirds?

Three thirds are equal to one whole, therefore seven thirds is equal to two and one third.

Two and two thirds plus two and two thirds equal?

five and one third

What is seven plus two-thirds?

7 and 2/3

Does two thirds equal to seven ninths?

No. Two-Thirds equals Six-Ninths

What is seven and two thirds plus two and seven twelfths?

10 3/12

What does one third plus two sixths equal?

Two thirds

What is 2 thirds of seven?

Two thirds of seven is 14/3, which is equal to 4.6666 and the sixes go on forever.

What does Two thirds plus two thirds equal?

Four thirds 1 1/2 cups

What is seven sevenths plus eight eighths plus two thirds equal?

2 and 2/3 (7/7 = 1 and 8/8 = 1)

What is two thirds plus seven ninths?


What does five ninths plus two thirds equal?

One and two ninths

What plus what equals two-thirds?

1 third plus one third =============== There are many other fraction combinations which equal two-thirds. One, for example, is one-half plus one-sixth.

DOES One third plus two thirds equal one?

I believe that it does equal one!

What is one and seven twelfths plus two thirds?

two and one-fourth

What five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth?

Five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth is equal to 1.04

What is two thirds of seven twentieths?

Two thirds of seven twentieths is 0.233333333. rjaja's answer: i just worked it out, andit is equal to 1/3. First answer was correct.

What does One ninth plus two thirds equal?


What does one sixth plus two thirds equal?


What is two thirds plus one seventh equal?


What does two thirds plus one twelfths equal?


What is Seven thirds plus seven thirds?

four and two thirds (7/3 + 7/3 = 14/3 = 4 2/3)

What is two thirds plus one seventh plus one third?

one and one seven

Is seven thirds equal to one point two?

No 7/3 = 2.33333