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21/30 + 8/30 = 29/30

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Q: What is seven tenths add four fifteenths?
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3 tenths plus 4 tenths?

If you add three tenths to four tenths the sum will be seven tenths.

What does three and one half plus four and three tenths equal?

seven and eight tenths. you have to change one half to five tenths and then add the whole numbers and then the fraction

How do you put decimals in a word form?

You just add the word and Example: 4.6 = 4 and 6 tenths or four and six tenths You just add the word and Example: 4.6 = 4 and 6 tenths or four and six tenths

How to add seven tenths on calculator?

To add seven tenths to a number, multiply the number by 1.7. For example, 50 plus seven tenths of 50 is equal to 50 x (1 + (7/10)) = 50 x 1.7 = 85.

What is two fifths add two fifths as a fraction?

four tenths?

What is seven tenths add two add one fifth and as a decimal fraction?

2.9 (if you mean a decimal)

What is seven tenths plus one quarter?

They add up to 19/20

What formula generates this sequence four sevenths five eighths two thirds seven tenths?

Each time, you add one to the numerator and one to the denominator.

What is Two and seven tenths plus one and sixth tenths?

Add the tenths together to get 13/10... This gives you 1 and 3/10... Now - add in the whole numbers from the original sum, and you get 4 and 3./10

How do you show your work for two fifths plus three tenths?

Multiply two fifths by two to get a common denominator. Then you will have 4 tenths plus three tenths. then add straight across and you will get seven tenths.

How do you convert the fraction eight and four tenths into a decimal?

Multiply the the tenths piece of the fraction by 10, and add a decimal point after the 8. The answer is 8.04

What are Five and four tenths and eight tenths?

They are: 5 and 4/10 and 8/10 which add up to 6 and 2/10 or 6.2

How do you write seven and nine hundredths in decimal?

7.09 as 7.9 is seven and nine tenths so add a 0 to make it seven and nine hundredths.

What is one half plus three tenths simplified?

One half is five tenths. Add three tenths, gives eight tenths. Simplify that by dividing the two values by their highest common factor, which is 2. That gives you four fifths.

What is 4 7 tenths add 3 tenths?


What is four fifths plus seven tenths?

four fifths plus seven tenths is a very easy "equation" to solve. First you convert 4/5 into 8/10. Second you add 8+7 since you are adding. Lastly, since 8+7=15 the answer is 15/10. 15/10 is equal to 1 and 5/10 or 1 and 1/2 the answer is 1 & 1/2

What is seven times three plus four?

First, multiply seven times three. The answer to that is 21. Then add four for the final answer, which is 25.

What is fifty seven add sixty four?

57+64= 121

what is 1.7= _ tenths?

17 tenths or 17/10, 1 equals 10 tenths, and the 7 is in the tenths slot, so you add 10 tenths to 7 tenths and you get 17 tenths

What is four point seven more than four point seven?

You either add 4.7 + 4.7 or multiply 4.7 by 2 to get an answer of 9.4

If 3.8 was rewritten to add tenths and hundredths?

If 3.8 was rewritten to show tenths and hundredths?

How do you I change tenths to hundredths?

add on a zero

Add three tenths to 7.5?

It is 7.8

What is 0.1 add five tenths?


What are the factors of 196 that add to be 28?

You could use four sevens or seven fours.

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