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Seventeen twelves = 204

So the answer is 204.5

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โˆ™ 2011-01-18 11:54:28
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Q: What is seventeen twelves plus a half equals?
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What is five sixths plus seven twelves?

Seventeen twelfths (17/12)

What is one sixth plus four twelves?

1/2 or one half

What is three twelves plus four twelves?

seven twelves

What is a half plus a half plus a half?

This equals one and a half.

What is 7 and 1 half plus 3 and 9 twelves?

11 and 1 fourth

What does Negative nineteen plus positive seventeen equals?

negative 2

What is one sixths plus five twelves?

seven twelves

1 an a half plus 1 an a half plus 1 an a half equals?

4 and (not an!) a half.

What is the answer to negative twenty eight plus fifteen y equals seventeen?


What is half plus half plus two thirds equals?

1 2/3

What is 6 plus 217 in words?

Six plus two hundred seventeen equals two hundred twenty-three.

Adding half to a quarter equals?

One-quarter plus one-half equals three-quarters.

What plus what equals one-half?

.25 + .25 = .50

What is half of 2 plus 2?

3, because half of to is 1 and plus 2 it equals 3.

One fourth plus one fourth equals?

A half/one half.

What plus half equals 869?

the answer to that question is 369

What is one half plus one third plus equal?

One half plus one third equals five sixths or about .8333333.

What is half of 512?

The half of 512 is 256 because half of 500 is 250 plus half of12 is 6 so 250 plus 6 equals

What is the oxidation half-reaction for 2Mg plus O2 equals 2MgO?

Mg equals Mg2+ plus 2e-

One half plus three tenths?

4/5 is what a half plus three tenths equals.

What is 1 over 3 plus one half?

One third plus one half equals two fights!

Does one half plus one half equal one?

Yes, one half ( 1/2 ) plus one half ( 1/2 ) equals one.

What does one half plus one sixth plus three fourth equals?

17/12 Is the answer.

What is 3 eights plus 5 twelves?

3 eights = 24 5 twelves = 60 Their sum is 24 + 60 = 84

If 2 plus 2 is 4 but what is half of 2 plus 2 equals?

since half of two is one, then one plus 2 has to eqaul 3, not 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!