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The product is fifty four

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Q: What is six multiply nine?
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What two numbers multiply into 30 and add up to nine?

Six and three.

What two numbers add up to six but multiply to negative nine?


Six times nine are fifty-six or six times nine is fifty-six?

Neither, six times nine is fifty four.

Which is correct 'six times nine are fifty-six' or 'six times nine is fifty-six'?

"Six times nine is fifty-six" is grammatically correct. By the way, six times nine is actually fifty-four (54), not fifty-six (56).

Which is correct six times nine are fifty-six or nine times six is fifty-six?

Six Times Nine Is Fifty - Four. And You Can Write It Either Way Around.

How do you get to 24 by using 9 6 1 1?

add one and one then multiply nine times two plus six

What is the answer of six over nine minus six over nine?


Is 9.06 nine tens and six ones?

No, it is nine ones and six one-hundredths (like nine dollars and six cents)

Nine multiply one over nine equals?


When was Nine Till Six created?

Nine Till Six was created in 1932.

What is a match for 46.89 forty-six and eighty nine or is it forty-six and eighty-nine thousand?

forty six and eighty nine thousand

What has nine edges and six vertices?

A triangular prism has nine edges and six vertices.

Multiply seven by nine?

The answer to that is 63.

How many ninths are in six and five ninth?

6 5/9 = 59/9Multiply the 6 by the nine in the denominator and add it to 5 in the numerator.

What is nine ten subtract two eleven?

Six Nine Nine

How would you write 19.699997?

Nineteen and six hundred ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred ninety-seven millionths Nineteen point six nine nine nine nine seven

How do you write 621.9 in words?

six hundred and twenty-one point nine

Why is it that when you multiply by nine the numerals in the answer add up to nine?

This is a neat pattern in math.

Why does a six looks like a nine and a nine looks like a nine?

Because if you turn a nine upside down then it does not look like anything but if you turn a six upside down then it looks like a nine.

How do you write 39600000 in words?

Thirty-nine million, six hundred thousand.Thirty nine million six hundred thousand.

What numbers are factors of 9?

Multiply any number by nine and you'll have a factor of nine.

How do you write 986.986 in word form?

Nine hundred and eighty six and nine hundred and eighty six thousandths

How do you write 609 as a word?

Six hundred nine. Or to be more grammatically- 'Six-hundred and nine'.

What is 900006 in word form?

Nine hundred thousand, six.

How do you write Nine hundread and eighty six thousands in numerals?

It is: 986,000 = nine hundred and eighty six thousand

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