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Commmunative property--check in your math books it should be in there

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Q: What is sixty four plus four equal to sixty four plus four an example of what property?
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What is negative sixty-four minus four squared?

Negative sixty-four minus four squared is equal to -80.

Is four and sixty equal to ten and forty?


What does four times sixty nine equal?


What is Four and sixty four thousandths?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, this is equal to 4.064.

What is six hundred million sixty four thousand and sixty in figures?

Expressed in figures, this is equal to 600,064,060.

How many pounds equal sixty four ounces?


What is sixty plus four?

Sixty plus four is, sixty-four. It is 64! Jeez!

What is four and sixty-six hundredths as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to 4.66.

How do you spell sixty four?

64 or sixty-four

How is 4 pounds equal to 64 ounces?

One pound equals sixteen ounces. So four pounds would equal sixteen times four, which equals sixty-four.

What does eight multiplied by eight equal?

the answer is frigin sixty frigin four!---------so 64

What does sixty four ounces liquid equal eight cups equal?

64 ounces of water equals 8 cups

When was Sixty Four created?

Sixty Four was created in 1964.

How do you write four and sixty eight thousandths in numeric form?

Expressed in digits, this is equal to 4.068.

What is sixty and four hundredths in decimal?

Sixty and four hundredths = 60.04

How do you write 264 in word from?

Two hundred sixty-four.Two hundred sixty four.

How do you write two million sixty four thousand sixty nine?

Two million sixty four thousand sixty nine is written 2,064,069.

How many milliliters equal sixty-four ounces?

64 US fluid ounces = about 1,892.7 mL

What is five six equal to?

Ten twelve; twenty twenty-four; fifty sixty are some examples.

Spell out 364?

Three hundred sixty-four

What is 4 percent of 62?

To find four percent of any number, simply divide it by twenty-five. For this number, sixty-two, you would divide 62/25 to equal 2.48 as your answer, or four percent of sixty-two.

How do you write sixty and four-hundredths as a decimal?

sixty and four hundredths = 60.04 in decimal

How do you spell 467.50?

The number 467.50 is "four hundred sixty-seven and fifty hundredths" (equal to 467 and a half). The US currency value $467.50 is "four hundred sixty-seven dollars and fifty cents."

How do you write eleven million four hundred and sixty-six thousand in figures?

Expressed in figures, this is equal to 11,466,000.

How do you spell four hundred and sixty three?

463 is spelled four hundred sixty three.