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Q: What is so special about the number 51?
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What number will go into 51?

51 is a prime number, so only 1 and 51 can go into it.

What number go into 51?

51 is a Prime number, so only 1 and 51 can go into it.

Is 51 a primen number yes or no?

17 X 3 = 51, so no.

What is 131 over 51 as mixed number?

131 is a prime number 29 is a prime number so the answer is 131/51 = 2 and 29/51 (a mixed number). Note as 29 is also a prime number, the proper fraction 29/51 can not be simplified.

How do i estimate the value of 51 to the nearest whole number?

51 IS a whole number and so you do not need to do any estimating!

How do you factor x2 -14 x -51?

You don't. 51 is a prime number, so this expression can not be factored.

What is 51 over 10 as a mixed number?

10 goes into 51 five times. so the whole number is 5. 10 times 5 is 50. When ten goes into 51 it leaves one left over which is the top number. Then the denominator (the number on the bottom) stays the same so it is 10. So your answer is 5 1/10.

Which of the following is not a prime number 51 31 23 17?

It is: 51 because it has more than two factors and so therefore it is a composite number

What is 17 x 3?

3 x17 is 51 51 is not a prime number it is composite. use this rule : You wil know a number is divisible by 3 if you add up the digits. if the sum is a multiple of 3 then that number is divisible by 3. i.e.: 51 5+1 =6 6 is divisible by 3 so 51 is divisible by 3. 51/3= 17

What is the mode of 12 21 15 51 51 25 52?

51 appears more than any other number, so it is the mode.

What is the next number in the sequence 46 51 56?


Is 51 a prime?

No, 51 is not a prime number. A prime number is a number that has only itself and 1 as a factor. 51's factors are 1,3,17, and 51.