What is sold in grams?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Coke, Heroin, Weed They Are Used The Most :)

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Q: What is sold in grams?
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How is crystal-meth sold?

To dealers- ounces. To users- grams, half grams, quarter grams. Seewhere this is going.

What metric unite is used to label the volume of a sold?


How much can you make off a quarter pound if you sold it in 3.5 grams bags?

If you bought a quarter pound and sold it all in eighths that weighed 3.5 grams then you would make about 1,280 dollars. But only if the quarter pound you bought weighed out at exactly 112 grams though.

What ordinary item equals 1000 grams?

There are many things that are sold in supermarkets in packets of 1000 grams. Except that they are usually labelled 1 kg (kilogram)!

What unit would you use to measure a plum?

dry quarts or sometimes they are sold by the pound

How much federal jail time will you get for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of cocaine base crack in ct?

if on probation and sold 11.2 grams how much time can you get

How is marijuana sold?

Marijuana can be sold in a variety of ways. Usually, a given amount is weighed out for the customer on a scale, and bagged. Dimes, or $10 bags, are the most commonly sold amounts. anywhere from under a gram, to 28 grams or an ounce, up to 16 ounces or a pound can be sold to customers. Nicks, or $5 bags, Dubs, or $20 bags are also commonly sold amounts.

How many grams of cocaine is sold for ten dollars?

.2 grams = ten dollars. Basic rule of thumb..... every 0.1 grams of cocaine is $5. .5 grams = $25. One gram = $50 For all those that think they get 1/2 gram for $20, check the scale it probably is .4 or .45 grams.

What are the opinions on 1 gram of Marijuana being sold for 20 dollars?

yes it is because 1 gram should be sold for around 10 dollars and 2 grams for 20 dollars :)

How many grams does one sheet of printer paper weigh?

As printer paper is sold in various thicknesses and sizes, there is no single answer.

How many grams of fat are there in a lemon Girl Scout cookie?

For the 2016 Girl Scout cookie sale there are two kinds of lemon cookies available. Lemonades, sold by Girl Scout councils using ABC Bakers, contain 7 grams of fat per serving. Savannah Smiles, sold by Girl Scout councils using Little Brownie Bakers, contain 5 grams of fat per serving.

How is iridium sold?

Iridium is sols as Troy ounce, one Troy Ounce is 31 grams. If you have buyer or sellers email the information.