What is something really dense?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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In science , Dense refers to the "heavier" object . For example , You know how oil and water don't mix ? And do u notice how the oil floats to the bottom ? The reason why is because the oil has a higher density than water . It's kindof confusing , huh??

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Q: What is something really dense?
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What does it mean for something to be really dense?

When something is really dense, it means that it has a high concentration of particles within a given volume. This often results in the object being heavy for its size. Materials like lead or gold are examples of dense substances.

How dense is potassium?

really dense

What is it called when something is not as dense as water?

When something is not as dense as water, it is said to be less dense or have a lower density than water.

What word can you use to explain that something is heavy for its size?

It is a dense thing.

What phenomenon allows objects or liquids that are less dense to float in liquids that are more dense?

If an object or liquid is is less dense than the liquid in which it floats, that's the reason why it floats, because whatever is less dense floats. If you meant to ask why something MORE dense can float in something LESS dense, one answer is surface tension.

What something is heavy for its size called?


What is Neptunes structure?

it is verydense but not really dense

Was is in a black hole?

really really dense material that comes from a supernova explosion

What is the difference between high density and low density?

Density, in terms of matters indicate the mass per unit volume, for example oil will be more dense than water. For electronics high density indicates more closely packed with components. For example a high density board will have many more components than a simple circuit board.

What is the definition of cakes?

Small dense lumps of something.

Where does dense mean?

"Dense" can mean having parts that are closely compacted together, such as in dense vegetation or a dense cloud. It can also refer to something that is difficult to understand or comprehend due to its complexity or thickness.

When an object is heavier does that mean the object is more dense than other objects?

Not necessarily. The weight of an object is determined by its mass and the force of gravity acting on it, while density is a measure of how much mass is packed into a given volume. An object can be heavy without being dense if it has a large volume.