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It is a rigid 2-dimensional shape.

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Q: What is something unique about the triangle?
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What is the measure of a unique triangle?

Every triangle is unique, so this question cannot have a serious answer.

What triangle make an unique triangle?

Nothing. It is always possible to make a duplicate triangle.

What is something shaped like a triangle?

A triangle!

Which set of points does not determine a spherical triangle?

Three non-collinear points do not determine a unique spherical triangle.

Does 5 cm 5 cm and and10 cm create a unique triangle?

From the given dimensions no kind of triangle is possible.

There is a right triangle whose hypotenuse is 2009 The two legs of the triangle are both whole numbers Computer the area of this unique triangle?

432180. The legs are 441 and 1960.

How can you tell whether a triangle is unique?

All triangles are unique compared to other polygons inasmuch that they have only 3 sides and no diagonals.

Does a triangle with 3 ft and 4 ft sides and a non-included angle of 70 degrees make a unique triangle please explain how you got your answer?

No, it does not make a unique triangle since the 70 degree angle could be at the end of the 3 ft side or the 4 foot side.

What is unique in isosceles triangle?

A isosceles triangle has only two sides the same length unlike other types of triangle which either have one or none. If your wondering what triangle has only one side equal it is the isosceles also, (think about it,)

If something or some one is one of kind. you say they are?

Unique Unique

What is the similarity between a circle and triangle?

Similarities ? The unique similarity I can think about is the line from which they are drawn.

Can a unique triangle with measure 111960 degree be made?

No because the 3 interior angles of any triangle always add up to 180 degrees.