What is step 5?

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Bata 5 steps is an epitome of customer service which if any retailer can follow can change their fate. the origination of this concept is an holistic approach of customer service. As the industry is changing dynamically so as the service expectation. However founder of BATA Late Mr. Thomas BATA whom i admire as an paragon of wisdom and i have full regards for him because he was so much foresighted that he came up with BATA 5 steps when the concept of customer service was non-exixtent. Now Industry must soon realize there Strategic Inflection Point in customer service paramater.

It seems that i am obssesed with BATA. Neverthless truth will remain the truth despite all odds.

Here is the much awaited answer..

Step 1. Welcome the customer as soon as he/she enters the store.

Step 2. Ask two Questions one informal (non business related questions like how are u today or how is the weather outside) and one formal question like "What kind of shoes you are looking for?"

Step 3. Show 3 articles .

Step 4. Add on sale

Step 5. Thanks and invite again.

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Q: What is step 5?
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