What is temperature measurement?

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It is degree Celsius, or degree Fahrenheit, or degree Kelvin, or Rankine

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Q: What is temperature measurement?
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What are different measurement topology for temperature measurement or measurement of resistance of thermistor?

different measurement of temperature

What is the scientific measurement of temperature?

temperature is measured in Fahrenheit or centigrade units of measurement

What temperature is Andes?

temperature is measurement of heat

Why is the Celsius temperature scale NOT a metric measurement?

The Celsius temperature scale is NOT a metric measurement, because degrees Celsius is parallel measurement of Kelvin, and Kelvin is not a metric measurement.

What is a thermometer measurement?

The Temperature

What is a system of temperature measurement?

An example of a system of temperature measurement is how my girlfriend looks: HOT! HOT! HOT!

What are electrical methods for temperature measurement?

Electrical methods for temperature measurement include use of thermometers and thermocouple.

Why do scientists not have a measurement like temperature for an object?

Scientists DO have a measurement of temperature of objects which makes the question irrelevant.

Measurement of how hot or cold something is?


What is the measurement of heat?

Enthalpy is the measurement of heat, Joule (J) is the unit. Temperature is not a measurement of heat. Temperature has the unit Kelvin (K) or Celsius (oC)

How are heat and temperature different?

Heat is a form of energy, and temperature is a measurement of the movement of molecules. heat is the fast pace of molecules and temperature is the measurement of these molecules

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