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Q: What is ten and one fifth as a decimal?
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Related questions

What is 1.2 times ten fifth power decimal notation?

1.2 times ten to the fifth power in decimal notation is 120,000

Which digit is in the ten thousands place?

That one - there! The one I am pointing at!The fifth digit to the left of the decimal point is.

What is one fifth as a decimal and a percentage?

One fifth as a decimal is 0.20 One fifth as a percentage is 20%

What is the decimal for four and one fifth?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, four and one fifth is equal to 4.2.

What is the place and value of ten thousand?

The place is fifth to the left of the decimal point. The value is ten thousand.

What is the fraction one-fifth in decimal form?

one-fifth = .20

Equivalent decimal of fraction one fifth?

The decimal equivalent of the vulgar fraction 1/5, or one fifth, is equal to 0.2.

How is one fifth of a kilo expressed in decimal?

one fifth of anything in decimal is .2 With kilos, it is .2 kilos.

What is one fifth of ten years?

The same thing as one fifth of any ten things - two.

What is six and one fifth as a decimal?

6.2 is six and a fifth.

Is one fifth a terminating decimal?


How do you write two hundred ten thousand fifth and nineteen hundredths as a decimal?


What is the decimal form for the fraction one fifth?

One-fifth in decimal form is .20, because 5 times .20 is one whole. Hope this helps!

What is one fifth as a descimal?

As a descimal, I don't know. As a decimal, one fifth is 0.2

What is one twentyfifth in decimal form?

one twenty fifth in decimal form is 0.04.

What is one- fifth as a decimal?


One fifth as a decimal?


What is One fifth in a decimal?


What is the decimal of one fifth?


What is one fifth as decimal?

it is 0.2

How many number in one-fifth?

one-fifth = 1/5 as a fraction or 0.2 as a decimal

What is 4 and a fifth in decimal?

Do you mean what is four and one fifth in a decimal, or one fourth and one fifth in a decimal form? I'll give you either answer anyway: 4 1/5 = 4.2 1/4 = 0.75 and 1/5 = 0.2

Where Is The Ten Thousands Place on A number?

The ten thousands place is the fifth number to the left of the decimal point.

What is a fifth in decimals?

One fifth in decimal ways would be .2 or .20

Where is the insignificant digit in 0.09040?

The last zero in the number is insignificant.