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twenty one over two... or 21/2 (same thing....)

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2012-11-30 02:09:57
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Q: What is ten and one half as an improper fraction?
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What is an improper fraction for ten thirds?

Ten thirds is an improper fraction. As a mixed number, it would be three and one-third.

What is an improper fraction equal to ten and one fourth?

That would be 41/4

Is ten thirds an improper fraction?


Is ten over nine an integer?

no it is an improper fraction

What the improper fraction for 67 tenths?

Sixtyseven over ten. 67/10 is the improper fraction for sixty-seven tenths.

What is 31 over ten as an improper fraction?


What is 7 and 1 ten as an improper fraction?


How do you change 1.1 into an improper fraction?

Expressed as an improper fraction in its simplest form, 1.1 is equal to 11/10 or eleven over ten.

1.6875 in fraction form?

DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! This is an easy question with some sense ans listening skills in math class. Sheesh....As a mixed fraction: 1 6875/10000 (read as one and 6875 ten-thousandths)As an improper fraction (because it is a fraction nonetheless): 16875/10000 (read as 16875 ten-thousandths)In reduced form, it's 1 11/16 (mixed) or 27/16 (improper).

Improper fraction for 2 and one fifth?

2 can be written as 10/5 or ten fifths. Add one fifth (1/5) and you get 11/5 or eleven fifths.

What is 1 out of ten in a fraction?

one over ten

How do you change ten to a fraction?

Ten over one

What is the smallest equivalent fraction that is half of ten twentieths?


What fraction is 5 out of ten?

5 is half (1/2) of 10

What is 4.3 as a fraction in simplest form?

Expressed as an improper fraction in its simplest form, 4.3 is equal to 43/10 or forty-three over ten.

How do you write 2 and a half as a fraction with a base ten as the denominator?

It is 25/10.

How many pints are in 3c?

b.Pint= 0.53.0x0.5= 1.5In fraction form, the answer is 1 1/2. One and one half, because one is whole, there is a five in the tenths place, and 5 is half of ten.

What is 0.1 in fraction?

one over ten

What is 0.0001 as a fraction?

One ten-thousandth

What fraction of ten is one and a quarter?

It is an eighth.

What is ten and one half times one and one half?


What fraction of a min is 10 hours?

Ten hours is not a fraction of one minute. Ten hours is six hundred minutes. One minute is one six-hundredth of ten hours.

How many tenths are there in one and a half?

15. ten in one, half that in a half.

Ten cenimeters is what fraction of one meter?

One tenth

What fraction is equivalent to to two eighths in tens?

Two over eight equals two and a half over ten.