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Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 10/9 + 3 5/9 = 4 2/3 or four and two thirds.

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Q: What is ten ninths plus three and five ninths?
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How do you write in words 500000 plus 8000 plus 300 plus 10?

Five hundred eight thousand, three hundred ten

What is two ninths of 45?

Two-ninths of forty-five is ten.

What is two ninths of forty five?

Two ninths of forty five is ten. One ninth of forty five is five, since 5 x 9 = 45. And two times 5 is 10.

What is the sum of ten plus five plus three equals in anti bot measure?


What is one ten ninths decimal?

One and ten ninths is 2.111...

What is ten plus ten plus three plus three plus six plus six?


Five plus five is equal to?

Five plus five equals ten.

What is 5 and two fourths plus 4 and five ninths?

5 2/4 + 4 5/9 = 10 1/18 or ten and one eighteenth.

How do you make 25 dollars?

Ten plus ten plus five equals twenty five dollars

If two plus three is ten and seven plus two is sixty three and six plus five is sixty six and eight plus four is ninety six what is nine plus seven?

81 + 63 = 144

Explain how 0.5 and 0.5555555 are different Which is greater?

The number .5 is exactly half. The number .5555555 is equal to half plus five hundredths plus five thousandths plus five ten thousandths plus five hundred thousandths plus five millionths plus five ten millionths, and therefore is greater.

What is three plus seven?

Three plus seven equals ten.

What other numbers equal twelve?

Nought plus twelve. One plus eleven. Two plus ten. Three plus nine. Four plus eight. Five plus seven. Six plus six !

How long does it take to get from Glasgow to Madrid?

five plus five ten

What is five plus a thousand and ten?


what is five pluss ten?

5 plus 10 = 15

What is twenty-two times ten minus three plus five minus eight?


What is five ninths times 6?

It is 5/9 times 6 = 3 and 1/3

A recipe says that it is best to use more than three eights cup but less than ten twelves cup sugar How much sugar can you use?

I would say five ninths cups of sugar

Ten plus three is?


How do you write three thousand five ten-thousandths in standard notation?

Three thousand five ten-thousandths in standard notation = 0.3005

How do you write numerical expressions in words?

five plus five equals ten...

What is five plus five?

Ten.Five plus five equals ten. Written in numbers, that is: 5+5=10

How do you write sixty three and five ten thousands?

50,063 is fifty-thousand and sixty three; if you mean sixty three and five ten thousandTHS, this is written as 63.0005

What is the answer to 5 plus 5?

10 or 1 multiplied by ten or 5 multiplied by 2 or 3 plus7 the answer to 5 (five) plus 5 (five) is 10 (ten).

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