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positive plus positive equals positive

negative plus negative equals negative

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Q: What is tha sum of two positive numbersTwo negative?
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Why does a positive minus a negative equal a positive?

Because "minus a negative" is tha same as "plus a positive". So, a positive minus a negative is a positive plus a positive which is a positive.

Is it possible tha your blood type change from negative to positive?

of course not !

Which of the battery cables of Mazda MPV is positive and negative?

the negative cable is the one tha go to the chassy or the engine . And the positive go to the fuse box.

What is tha sum of two even numbers?

an even number.

What is tha negative and positive of high school life?

Well a few negative points can be when you first settle in, if you are bullied by people older than you and if you have no friends. However once you get used to everything in high school you will be perfectly fine. A few positive things are having lots of friends, being recognised for you talents, and achieving rewards. So high school is not as bad as you think it may be.

What are two negative events that you want to avoid in the economy?

Math && tha po-pos

A subatomic particles that has a positive charge and tha is located in the nucleus of an atom.?

Proton has positive charge and is in nucleus of an atom. Neutron has zero charge and is also found in nucleus of an atom. Electron has negative charge and is found in cloud around the nucleus (electron cloud).

Is negative 2.5 hiher than negative 5 or neative 5 higher tha negative 2.5?

Depends what you mean by higher. Minus 2.5 is greater than minus 5 because you have to add 2.5 to -5 to get there. On the other hand, a bank account summary showing a negative amount is showing a higher debt than a smaller negative amount. The word higher is not used in Math. Use "greater than" or "less than". And you have to add positive numbers to get to a number "greater than".

999 555 333 111 take any six numbers from it so tha t the sum obtained is 21?


What are tha angle measures of a rhombus?

Opposite angles of a rhombus are equal and the sum of all four angles is that of any quadrilateral: 360o.

Give two numbers that equal the sum of 28?

I think you worded your question wrong.. or im not seeing it. You mean ANY 2 numbers tha equal the sum of 28? 27 and 1? 26 and 2?

Nucleus of an atom characteristics?

Characteristic for an atomic nucleus are the number of protons and neutrons. Tha atomic nucleus is always positive.