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positive plus positive equals positive

negative plus negative equals negative

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Q: What is tha sum of two positive numbersTwo negative?
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Why does a positive minus a negative equal a positive?

Because "minus a negative" is tha same as "plus a positive". So, a positive minus a negative is a positive plus a positive which is a positive.

Which of the battery cables of Mazda MPV is positive and negative?

the negative cable is the one tha go to the chassy or the engine . And the positive go to the fuse box.

Is it possible tha your blood type change from negative to positive?

of course not !

What is tha sum of two even numbers?

an even number.

What is positive correlation and negative correlation?

Positive correletion between x and y means that x=ay+b, with a>0 so tha as y increases, so does the x. Now, negative correlation is the same, but with a<0 so that as y increases, x decreases. You have to be careful with the value of correlation coefficient it takes values in [-1,1]. values near 1(or -1) mean strong positive(or negative for -1) linear relation between x and y.

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Is negative 2.5 hiher than negative 5 or neative 5 higher tha negative 2.5?

Depends what you mean by higher. Minus 2.5 is greater than minus 5 because you have to add 2.5 to -5 to get there. On the other hand, a bank account summary showing a negative amount is showing a higher debt than a smaller negative amount. The word higher is not used in Math. Use "greater than" or "less than". And you have to add positive numbers to get to a number "greater than".

What are two negative events that you want to avoid in the economy?

Math && tha po-pos

A subatomic particles that has a positive charge and tha is located in the nucleus of an atom.?

This particle is called proton.

999 555 333 111 take any six numbers from it so tha t the sum obtained is 21?


What are tha angle measures of a rhombus?

Opposite angles of a rhombus are equal and the sum of all four angles is that of any quadrilateral: 360o.

Give two numbers that equal the sum of 28?

I think you worded your question wrong.. or im not seeing it. You mean ANY 2 numbers tha equal the sum of 28? 27 and 1? 26 and 2?

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The what of an acid always has one less H and one more negative charge tha the acid itself?

The conjugate base of an acid.

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Characteristic for an atomic nucleus are the number of protons and neutrons. Tha atomic nucleus is always positive.

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