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I think its around 8 seconds

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โˆ™ 2006-07-31 03:11:46
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Q: What is the 0-60 time of a 1992 Rs Camaro 3.1liter?
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2002 3.8 liter Chevy camaro spark plug gap?


What is the gap setting for spark plugs on a 2000 Camaro?

.060 is the specified gap setting on spark plugs for a 2000 camaro rs.

What is the spark plug gap on a 1999 Camaro SS LS-1?

.060 i recently did the job on a 98 ss

What is the spark plug gap for a 1992 cutlass?

On the 3.3 Liter V6 it is .060.

What is the spark plug gap for a 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass 3.3 V6?

.060 of an inch

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What is the proper spark plug gap for a 1976 Chevy Camaro with a 350 small block and a 4 barrel edelbrock carb?

AnswerAC R45TS plug is actually .060... i know it sounds wide but on that expensive site that charges $159.99 mo says .060 and i just tried it and WOW my 75 El Camino never ran better

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SPARK PLUG GAP1992 Pontiac Bonneville 3.8L SFI OHV 6cylThe Spark Plug Gap.060 (In thousandths of an inch) Caution! Gap is not adjustable on certain plug brands

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