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Q: What is the 32nd term of this sequence 94-1-6-11?
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What is the 32nd term of the arithmetic sequence where a1 13 and a13 -59?

It is -173

What is the ninth term in the Fibonacci sequence?

The 9th term of the Fibonacci Sequence is 34Fibonacci Sequence up to the 15th term:1123581321345589144233377610

Which is the first Fibonacci term to be greater than 1 million?

The 32nd term of the series is. It's 1,346,269.

What sequence is formed by subtracting each term of a sequence from the next term?

It is the sequence of first differences. If these are all the same (but not 0), then the original sequence is a linear arithmetic sequence. That is, a sequence whose nth term is of the form t(n) = an + b

What is a nth term in a sequence?

Well, it would depend what the sequence was...? If the sequence was 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20, then the 9th term would be 18!

What is the 5th term of the sequence which has a first term of 17?

That depends what the pattern of the sequence is.

Arithmetic and geometric sequences?

Find the 3nd term for 7.13.19

What is a sequence with no last term?

An infinite sequence.

What is each number in a sequence called?

It is called a term.Each number in a sequence is called a term.

How do you find the 100th term of the sequence?

a + 99d where 'a' is the first term of the sequence and 'd' is the common difference.

What Find the 90th term of the arithmetic sequence 16,21,26?

The 90th term of the arithmetic sequence is 461

What is a word for finding the next term in a sequence?

From what I know, it is just called "next term in sequence" For a unknown term, just call it the "nth term".