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Pentagonal Prism

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Q: What is the 3dimensional shape of a pentagon?
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Related questions

Is a pentagon shape in a pentagon shape a rigid shape?

yes a pentagon is a rigid shape * * * * * I am afraid that it is not.

What is the difference between the pentagon and the pentagon building?

They are both the same. Pentagon is just a shorter way of saying the pentagon building. As for if you meant the shape pentagon, it is called the pentagon because it's shape is a pentagon.

If a shape has 5 sides but is not in the shape of a regular pentagon what is it called?


What shape is the base of pentagon?

A Pentagon. That's why its call a Pentagon.

Why is a pentagon a rigid shape?

This is a misguided question since a pentagon is NOT a rigid shape.

A shape with 8 letters?


What is the Pentagon?

A pentagon is a 5-sided shape, but The Pentagon is the Headquarters of the United State Department of Defense. The building has a pentagonal shape, hence its name.

Show you what the math shape pentagon looks like?

show me what a pentagon shape looks like

Is a pentagon a irregular shape or regular shape?

A 5 sided pentagon can be a regular or an irregular polygon.

Why does the pentagon has the name of pentagon?

Because it's shaped like a pentagon. A pentagon is a five-sized shape.

What is a house shape called?

This shape is referred to as a "Pentagon."

Watz a pentagon?

a pentagon is a shape with 5 sides on it.

How is a Pentagon shape?

A pentagon is a 5 sided polygon

What is a shape w 5 sides called?

A pentagon is a shape that has 5 sides.

What shape has 5 sides and 5 angles-and-is-not-a-pentagon?

has to be pentagon

Shape of a pentagon?

A pentagon is a 2D, five sided shape. A regular pentagon looks a bit like a house, with a square without a top and instead a point.

Why is the shape pentagon a pentagon?

Because it has 5 (five) sides

What do you call a 3 D pentagon shape?

Pentagon prism

Why is the Pentagon in the US called the Pentagon?

If viewed from the air, the shape of the building is a pentagon (it has 5 sides)

What is the meaning of pentagon?

the meaning of pentagon is five sided,so a pentagon is a five sided shape

What is Ft Sumter's shape?

it is in the shape of a pentagon

What is a 15sided shape called?


Is a pentagon any shape with 5 sides?

Yes, I do believe that no matter what shape it looks like, it is a pentagon if it has 5 sides.

Can you show me what a pentagon looks like?

A pentagon is a 5 sided shape. Google pentagon and it will show you a picture.

How many side does Pentagon?

A 5 sided shape is called a pentagon.