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"Science, Technology and Innovation.The road to a smarter Philippines"

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Q: What is the Deped theme for math month 2013 in Philippines?
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What is the DepEd United Nations month theme 2013 in the Philippines?

The theme for 2013's DepEd UN month is "Gutom at malnutrisyon, sama-sama nating wakasan!"

What is the DepEd math month theme 2013 in Philippines?

di ko nga alam ei . keya nga nag search diba?

What was Deped's theme for United Nations' Day in the Philippines in 2013?

Let's Live in Peace and Harmony

What is the English Month theme in the Philippines sy 2013-2014?

The English Month theme in the Philippines for 2014 is "Promoting digital literacy through campus."

What is the theme for science-math 2012-2013?


What is the theme for the English Month celebration 2013 in the Philippines?

Libraries:preserver and promoter of culture and arts.

What is the theme of nutrition month 2013-2014 in the Philippines?

Kalamidad paghandaan: Gutom at malnutrisyon agapan!

What is the theme for English Month or Days Celebration 2013 in the Philippines?

English language is the way to institutionalizing education

What is the theme of nutrition month 2012-2013 in the Philippines?

" Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin araw - araw itong ihain".

What is the theme for mathematics month 2012-2013?

The theme for Mathematics Month 2013 is "Mathematics of Sustainability"

What is the theme for Children's Awareness month 2013?

The theme in 2013 for Children's Awareness month is sexual violence. Sexual violence is a problem in the world and Children's Awareness month brings in out into the open to help prevent it from happening.

What is the theme of 2012 - 2013 science month celebration?

the theme for the science month celebration is "sustaining life for the next generation"

What is Club Penguin theme for this month?

This Month, March 2013 (You didn't say what month...) Is Puffle hotel.

What is the theme for the science month celebration 2013-2014?

Nutrition month celebration.

What is the theme for national science month celebration for the sy 2012-2013?

They are differrent. The theme 2013 is " Unravel the causes, Build the solution, put science in Action "

What is the theme for the 2012-2013 science month?

climate change adaptation

When will snsd come to Philippines?

They will be coming here next year on the first month of 2013 for their upcoming concert, Kpop Fantasy concert in the Philippines.

When nutrition month start in the philipenes?

Nutrition month in Philippines began on July 1, 2013. Nutrition month focuses on proper nutrition and spreads awareness of malnourishment across the country.

What is the theme of the Jesus is lord church for the month of July 2013?

The yearly theme for 2013 for the Jesus is Lord church is "stand ye in holy places, and not be moved, until the day of the Lord, for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the Lord".

What is the theme for this 2013-2014 science month celebration?

The theme for two thousand and thirteen through two thousand and fourteen Science month is Science and Technology Advancement. This will include explanations of how science is enhancing the quality of life through invention and research.

What is the theme for science month 2013-2014?

Science and Technology Advancement;Enhancing Quality of Life Through Invention and Research.

What is the theme of 2012-2013 science month?

Science Technology & Innovation: Working Together for Growth & Development

What is the Nutrition month theme for 2013?

A Heath makes a Brigther life

When is Father's Day in the Philippines in 2013?

Father's Day 2013 in the Philippines is on Sunday, June 16th.

What typhoons entered the Philippines in 2013?

The typhoons that impacted the Philippines in 2013 were Utor, Nari, Krosa, and Haiyan.