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Built up area is the area which has been developed.and floor area is the area which is about to built or about to develope.

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Q: What is the Difference between built up area and floor area?
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Is there any difference between floor area and gross floor area?

floor is different...

What is the difference between floor area and lot area?

you find these terms in a house and lot offer. a lot area is the total area, usually in sq meters, of the property while floor area is the area of the infrastructure built in the lot or the maximum size of structure that the government, as provided by charters, allows.

What is the difference between floor area and carpet area in a house?

Some areas will not be carpeted. For example, underneath kitchen units or in the bathroom. These will contribute to the floor area but not the carpet area. On the other hand, the risers of steps may well be carpeted but will not contribute to the floor area.

Difference between plinth area and builtup area?

Plinth area is the area at which a given structure rests while the built up area includes the structure as well as the land.

Is the area of stair hall included in the area of a floor?

not really because they are 2 diffrent objects floor and stair hall is only BUILT on the floor witch makes it no.

What is the difference between gross internal floor area sqm and departmental gross square meters dgsm?

What is the difference in gross square meters and square meters

Difference between net irrigated area and gross irrigated area?

difference between gross irrigated area and net irrigated area

What is the difference between net floor area and gross floor area?

Net Area, is soley the working office space, gross area includes all (or a proportion of if a shared office) the 'circulatory' spaces including stairwells, lifts, toilets and entrance lobbys etc. Hope this answers your question.

What is difference between Floor Space Index and Floor Area Ratio.Please tell in detail?

Both are the same. Just that the terminology differs from place to place. Floor Space Index is generally given in percentage whereas, Floor Area Ratio in numeric figures. Also, In Floor Space Index calculation, the total plot size is considered from the centre of the adjoining road(s). It is the effective plot area instead of total plot area.

What is the difference between a firebox and a fireplace insert?

Firebox is the area of a fireplace where the fire is built. An insert is a wood stove that is INSERTED into the firebox of a fireplace.

Difference between gross internal floor area and gross floor area?

Gross floor area or Gross external floor area includes perimeter wall thicknesses and external projections, it excludes open balconies but includes open sided covered areas. Gross internal floor area includes the whole area enclosed within the external walls and includes open sided covered areas (should be shown separately), it also excludes any area with a ceiling height of less than 1.5m except under stairways.

What is the difference between living area and floor area?

Floor area is always larger than the living area. Floor area can include an unfinished basement, the garage, an outside foyer, closet space etc. Living area is much smaller than the floor area. It is usually the heated/cooled area in the house. Real estate agents will usually quote the floor area because the buyer will think he/she is getting more space for his/her money. When asked they will have to quote the living area. Even though the unheated/uncooled fllor area contributes to the aesthetic value of the house, some of it may not be useful to the buyer. It depends on the buyer's preference.

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