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%D.E=FEHLING FACTOR*100*100*100/WT. of sample*T.v*Tss

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Q: What is the Equation to evaluate dextrose equivalent value?
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What is would be the value of dextrose equivalent of maltose made from starch?

this is because maltase is from glucose

How did you find each product of quadratic equations?

You substitute the value of the variable into the quadratic equation and evaluate the expression.

How do you know if an order pair is on the line of an equation?

Substitute the first of the ordered pair wherever x appears in the equation and the second value wherever you have y. Evaluate the equation. If it is true, then the point is on the line and if not, it is not.

What is the difference between Solve and Evaluate and Simplify?

Solve: Find a definite answer to X or Y or whatever. Evaluate: Find out a definite answer to the equation. Simplify: No definite answer. To evaluate usually implies plugging in the values for the variables. i.e. Evaluate 3x²+2 when x=5. The value of the expression (or its evaluation) is 77 ■

How do you determine whether a number is a solution of an equation?

Substitute the value found back into the equation, evaluate the expressions and see if the resulting equation is true.

How can explicit formulas be used to determine specific terms in a sequence?

Substitute the numerical value of the position of the specific term in the equation and evaluate the result.

What does it mean to evaluate an equation?

It means that you find the specific value of the equation substituting your specific variables. for example: equation: z=2y+x-3 the evaluatio of the equation for x=1 and y=3 will be: z=2(3)+1-3=4

How is solving an equation containing decimals similar to solving an equation containing fractions?

Fractions and decimals that represent the same value are equivalent. For example, 1//4 and 0.25 are equivalent.

How do you solve x plus 1 over x?

You don't "solve" an expression. You can solve an equation; an expression can be simplified or otherwise manipulated, and if you know the value of "x" (in this case), you can evaluate its value.

When you evaluate an equation and x has a negative value if the equation states -x do they cancel?

Answer: You evaluate a question to find what the variable(s) equal. And yes, the negatives will cancel out, and x will be positive. Answer: If x is negative, then -x is positive. thank you that's what I thought x=-2 3+(-x)-6 =-1 right?

How do you know if a value a is a solution to an equation?

If this value a satisfy the equation, then a is a solution for that equation. ( or we can say that for the value a the equation is true)

What is the Dextrose Equivalent value of rice bran?

Rice bran has a DE of 0 as there are no reducing sugars present. DE is a measure of the percent reducing sugars over the total weight of carbohydrate present