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There is 1g of water for each 1cm(cubed) of water. So you can work it out from that.

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Q: What is the Equation to find the weight of water in one cubic foot?
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What is the equation used to find weight?

weight = ?

How many cubic yards in a ton of compost?

I have not a firm answer. Compost weight is variable and as such the answer may be misleading. Consider this, a cubic foot of water weighs 64 pounds. A tonne is 1,000 kg. The number of cubic feet in a cubic yare is 27. so a cubic yard of water weighs 1,728 lb. A tonne is then 3,806.167 lb. of water. Now compost is lighter than water. there are 454gm in a pound so find the weight of compost in a cubic foot and do the math

How many grams are in 250 cubic centimeters?

Only if you mean the liquid water, you can find the weight of 250 cubic centimeters. That are 250000 milligrams or 250 grams.

What is the math equation to find the depth of a cubed shaped pool that holds 64 cubic feet of water?

Volume = length * Width * Heigth

What is the formula to find weight of water per cubic feet?

There's no formula for the weight of a cubic foot of water, any more than there's aformula to calculate the weight of your best friend. You just have to weigh them, orlook it up in a book, and then you know.In the case of a cubic foot of water, it's pretty easy, because if the water is pureand the temperature and pressure are the same every time, then every cubic foothas the same weight." 621/2 pounds " is an easy number to remember, and it's quite close.

If the specific gravity of diesel is zero point 86 how many litres are in 1 cubic meter and how is this calculated?

Converting cubic meters into liters has nothing to do with the substance being measured (e.g. diesel). Both are measurements of volume, and one cubic meter is always equal to one thousand liters:1 cubic meter = 1,000 liters Specific Gravity is the weight of a certain amount of a substance compared with the weight of an equal amount of pure water. In other words, we know that one gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds, and so to find the weight of one gallon of a substance with a specific gravity of 0.86 one would simply multiply as follows:8.34 x 0.86 = 7.1724 poundsHere are instructions for finding the weight of one cubic meter (one thousand liters) of a substance having a specific gravity of 0.86:First, convert one cubic meter into gallons, because we already know the weight of water per gallon:1 cubic meter = 264.172051 US gallonsNext, find the weight of one cubic meter (264.172051 gallons) of water:264.172051 x 8.34 = 2,203.19491 pounds (This is the weight of one cubic meter of water)Finally, use the specific gravity of the substance in question (0.86) to find its weight in comparison to that of the water:2,203.19491 x 0.86 = 1,894.74762 pounds (This is the weight of one cubic meter of diesel assuming that its specific gravity is 0.86)

What is the weight of a one-hundred-foot column of water that is four inches in diameter?

See whether you can follow these steps. 1. Make your units consistent. Do not mix units. Either convert inches to feet of feet to inches. 2. Using the equation for the volume of a cylinder, calculate the cylinder's volume. The volume of a cylinder is just the product of its height and the area of its base. The base is, of course, a circle. 3a. Your answer will be in cubic inches or cubic feet. If you know how much one cubic inch (or cubic foot) of water weighs, multiply that value by the answer you got in step #2. 3b. If you only know how much a GALLON of water weighs, well, then you will have to convert cubic inches (or cubic feet) to gallons. Then multiply that value by the weight of a gallon of water. You're done! Note that you can find conversion factors -- gallons to cubic feet, cubic feet to gallons -- and the formula for the area of a circle, and the value of Pi here on

How much does a cubic foot of jelly weight?

I don't know, but one way to find out is to weigh a cubic inch of jelly then multiply that weight by 1728 (123).

How much water is a cube?

Since we don't know the weight of the cube itself, we can only tell the weight of the water. Since the volume of a 3-foot cube is 27 cubic feet, we find that 27 cubic feet is equal to 202 gallons. Because one gallon of water weighs about 8.35 pounds, we multiply 202 x 8.35 for a result of 1,686.7 pounds for the water alone.

What is the weight of a block of ice twenty four inches by twenty four inches by twenty four inches if ice weighs ninety two percent as much as water and water weighs 62.5 pounds per cubic foot?

The volume of the block of ice is 2ft * 2ft * 2ft or 8 ft3. The equivalent weight of 8 cubic feet of water is 8ft3 * 62.5 lb/ft3 or 500 lbs. To find the weight of ice take 92% of the equivalent weight of water or 0.92 * 500 lbs = 460 lbs

What is the equation for calculating your weight into kilograms?

Divide your Earth-weight in pounds by 2.205 to find your mass in kilograms.

What is the equation to find out how to tell the weight in pounds when given the weight in kilograms?

Pounds = kg x 2.2