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Q: What is the Formula exponential curve?
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What is a j-shaped curve called?

it is an exponential growth curve.

An exponential growth function represents a quantity that has a constant halving time?

That would be an exponential decay curve or negative growth curve.

What does exponential growth curve represent?

exponential curve is when the unlimited source occur and mortility rate is lower, the individual in a population increase vigorously, no competition,

What kind of graphs does exponential growth makes?

A curve

Why do the points of a geometric sequence lie on an exponential curve only when the common ratio is positive?

If the common ratio is negative then the points are alternately positive and negative. While their absolute values will lie on an exponential curve, an oscillating sequence will not lie on such a curve,

Why does exponential growth show a characteristic j-shaped curve?

Unlimited resources

What is the letter used to refer to the characteristics shape of an exponential growth curve?


What is the exponential formula for population growth?

exponential decay formula is y=A x Bx

What is an Allen curve?

An Allen curve is a graphical representation which reveals the exponential drop in frequency of communication between engineers as the distance between them increases.

Discuss a bacterial growth curve and phases of bacterial growth?

The bacterial growth curve is usually exponential in shape just like most of the living organism.

What is exponential from?

Exponential form is when math is explained in steps. The formula for this would be A=P(1+R)to the power of T.

Why is Moore's law line a straight graph?

Moore's Law states essentially the exponential nature of the curve existing between transistor count in a single chip and passed time in years. Although in most websites and sources, the curve shown is straight with transistor # being in the Y axis, it must be observed, Moore stated that the curve is exponential. Thus the graphs, if linear are logarithmic curves, as a log graph for an exponential curve is linear in nature. So instead of transistor nos (x) , we use ln(x)