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The greater number.

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Q: What is the LCM for one and any number greater than one?
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Related questions

What is the LCM of 1 and any other number greater than 1?

the other number

For any number n greater than 1the least common multiple of n and itself is n times n?

No, for any number n greater than zero, the LCM of n and n is n.

What is the least common multiple of any number greater than 1?

You need at least two numbers to find an LCM. The lowest multiple of any positive number is the number itself.

Given a pair of numbers how can you tell whether their least common multiple will be less than or equal to their product?

Given any number, there is an even number that exists greater than it. That even number is a product: of 2 and some number. Therefore, the number that you started with is less than the product of a pair of numbers.

What kinds of numbers would I multiply by to get answers that are slightly greater than my starting number?

If you multiply your number by any number greater than 1, the result will be greater than the starting number - assuming your number is positive. If your number is negative, you need to multiply it by any number less than 1, to get a result that is greater than the original number. To get a number that is slightly greater, multiply by a number that is slightly greater than 1 (ot slightly lee than= -1).

What is the definition of greater than?

ANY number greater than the number before the greater than, so if the answer is greater than 7 then one solution is 7.00000000000000000000000000000000001

Is 3 greater than- 5?


Is infinity a number and what value is it?

Infinity is any number greater than a number that already exists Infinity is any number greater than a number that already exists

What square number is greater than 100?

The square of any number greater than 10 (or less than -10) will be greater than 100.

What is a number greater than -50?

-49, and any number greater than -49, all are.

Which is greater -24 or 5?

5 is greater then -24. Any positive number is greater than any negative number

Which is greater than 0.01or -32?


If given any two numbers which is greater the LCM of the numbers or the GCF of the numbers?

The LCM of two numbers will never be less than the GCF.

Is it possible to divide 15 by a mixed number and get a quotient that is greater than 15?

No. A mixed number is greater than 1 since it has a non-zero whole number (which is at least 1) and a fraction (which is greater than 0); any number divided by a number greater than 1 will be less than the original number. So 15 divided by a mixed number will be less than, not greater than, 15.

What is the LCM of any two consecutive numbers?

The LCM of any two consecutive numbers greater than zero is the two numbers multiplied together. eg. the LCM of 10 and 11 is: 10*11=110

Which prime numbers are greater than 100?

There are an infinite number of primes greater than any number given.

How much must you add to -12 to get a number greater than 5?

Any number greater than 17.

What number is greater then 4.3?

Any number greater than 4.3 such as 4.31 ..... etc

What is a square number greater then 100?

Take any number greater than 10. Multiply it by itself. The answer will be a square number greater than 100 - and there is an infinitey of such numbers.

What number is smaller than 55000000 but greater than 25000000?

Any number from 25000001 to 54999999 is smaller than 55000000 but greater than 25000000.

Is any divisor of a whole number is greater than any multiple of a whole number?

9, a divisor of 18, is greater than 4, a multiple of 2.

What does an underlined greater than sign mean?

It means greater/less than or equal to. For instance x>3 could be any number greater than 3, but not 3. With the underline, it could be any number greater than or including 3.

Which is greater negitative -4 or 0?

0 is a greater number than any negative number.

What is greater -9 or -1?


How many numbers can be rounded off to 4000?

An infinite number of numbers. Any number greater than 3999.5 and less than 4000.5 rounded to an integer (there are differing conventions for dealing with rounding 0.5). There is an infinity of such numbers; also, any number greater than 3995 and less than 4005 rounded to 3 sig digits; or, any number greater than 3950 and less than 4050, rounded of to 2 sig digits; or any number greater than 3500 and less than 4500, rounded off to 1 significant digit. , any

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What is the LCM of 1 and any other number greater than 1?

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