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the answer is the addition fraction answer

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Q: What is the Name of the answer to an addition fraction problem?
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What is the answer to a fraction addition problem called?

It is the same as for any other addition. The answer is the sum.

What is a fraction addition problem that equals 2/4?


Name for the answer in a addition problem?

Answer for an addition problem= sum. Answer for a subtraction problem= difference. Answer for a multiplication problem= product. Answer for a division problem= quotient.

What is the name of the numbers in a addition problem?

Let's say we have the addition problem 1 + 2 = 3 1 and 2 are the addends. 3 is the sum.

How do you solve a fraction addition probelem?

You add the fractions together. More detailed steps depend on the exact nature of the problem.

What is the answer for a addition math problem?

The answer to an addition problem is the sum of the problem.

Answer to an addition problem?

what is the answer for a addition math problem

When should you use addition to solve a problem involving fraction?

you should use addition in a problem involving fractions if you see key words that mean to add, for example sum increase, altogether, etc

What is the name of the answer of f a adding fractions?

The answer to any addition problem is called the Sum.

What is process of adding when you add a fraction to a fraction but the sum comes a mixed fraction?

The process is still that of addition.

What is the result of an addition problem called?

The result of an addition problem is called the sum.

Is sum part of addition or subtraction?

addition Sum is the result of an addition problem. Difference is the result of a subtraction problem.

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