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It is not so much an equation, as a function. Since the definition is fairly complicated, I suggest you visit the Wikipedia page:

... or do additional Web searches either for "Riemann hypothesis" or "Riemann zeta function".

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Q: What is the Riemann Hypothesis equation?
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When was Riemann hypothesis created?

Riemann hypothesis was created in 1859.

Has anybody solved the Riemann hypothesis?


What was Bernhard Riemann's inspirational inventions?

Riemann zeta function, Riemann hypothesis, Theory of higher dimensions, Riemannian metric

If the Riemann hypothesis has been solved?

Several mathematicians have addressed the Riemann hypothesis, but none of their attempts have yet been accepted as correct solutions.

What is the Riemann hypothesis?

The Riemann Hypothesis was a conjecture(a "guess") made by Bernhard Riemann in his groundbreaking 1859 paper on Number Theory. The conjecture has remained unproven even today. It states the "The real part of the non trivial zeros of the Riemann Zeta function is 1/2"

What is reimmans thereom?

There is more than one. You might be thinking of the Riemann hypothesis (also called the Riemann zeta-hypothesis). Or in Complex analysis we have Riemann mapping theorem and he certainly has many more attributed to him/ So, not sure which one you want to know about.

How to solve the Riemann Hypothesis?

Short answer? Be smarter than everyone that has come before. The Riemann Hypothesis is a long-standing conjecture in mathematics that states that all non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function lie on the critical line of 1/2. Despite much effort, a proof for the Riemann Hypothesis has not yet been found and it remains one of the most famous open problems in mathematics. Solving the Riemann Hypothesis requires a deep understanding of number theory and complex analysis, as well as a new insight or approach to the problem. Many mathematicians and researchers have attempted to solve the Riemann Hypothesis over the years, but so far, no proof has been accepted by the mathematical community. Until a proof is found, the Riemann Hypothesis remains one of the most important and challenging open problems in mathematics.

What are the applications of cauchy-riemann equations in different scientific fields?

relation of cauchy riemann equation in other complex theorems

Why is the Riemann Hypothesis still unsolved?

Because even though a lot of people have worked on it, none of them has been able to either prove it or disprove it yet.

Who did Berhnard Riemann get married to?


Who invented Riemann sum?

Riemann did.

What made bernhard riemann a great mathematician?

The almost unparalleled depth and impact of the concepts introduced by Riemann. His investigations in geometry led to Riemannian geometry. His investigations in trigonometric series gave us the modern definition of function and a first notion of the integral (Riemannian integral). His 9-page investigation into number theory founded the field of analytic number theory. Riemann was so ahead of his time that the "approximate functional equation" that he devised during the time of publication of his paper on number theory, was only rediscovered 40 years later after that Siegel investigated his notes. He is known for the Riemann Hypothesis, the biggest currently open problem in mathematics. He is also known for the development of variational methods and the application of the Dirichlet principle. An mathematician of such a caliber ... is very rare. I think that Riemann is in the same league as Grothendieck.