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Q: What is the Triangle shaped area at a river's mouth?
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What is the triangle-shaped area at a river's mouth?


What triangle shaped area of land at mouth of a river is called?

It is called delta.

Triangle-shaped area formed by deposited silt at the mouth of a river?


The triangle-shaped area of land at the mouth of a river is called .?

It is called a delta.

What is triangle shaped area of land at the mouth of river is called?

it is called a delta

What is an area of high concentration?

its when your bumhole is shaped like a triangle

A triangle shaped area of land made of soil is called?

A delta?

What does the triangle on the Pittsburgh penguins uniform?

the triangle refers to the three rivers in pittsburgh. Alternatley it refers to the area in downtown pittsburgh, the 'golden triangle.'

What does the bermudia triangle look like?

like a normal triangle It's a section of the Atlantic alongside Cuba. The Triangle refers to the 3 points mapping the area, Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico-when you connect them, you form a triangle shaped area.

What part of the nile river had a triangle shaped area of very rich farmland?

The Nubian section.

Most places where rivers meet with seas or ocean have a sediment deposit area that resembles which shape?


How do I find the area of irregular shaped polygons?

For instance, you might divide the polygons into triangles, calculate the area of each triangle, and then add everything up.