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60*36*4 = 8640 in3 (cubic inches) = 5 ft3 (cubic feet)

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2009-07-22 20:02:21
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Q: What is the Volume of a space that measures 60inx36inx4in?
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What measures the amount of space an object takes up?

This measurement is called volume.

Is Volume a measurement of an object's mass?

No. Volume measures the amount of space something takes up.

What does volume do?

Volume measures how much 3 dimensional space an object occupies or takes up.

Are volume and space the same thing?

Volume measures the amount of space that is occupied by a three-dimensional object so it can be considered the same as or similar to the measurement of space.

Difference between mass and volume?

Mass measures how much matter you have, and volume measures how much space matter occupies.mass is measured by kilograms and volume is measured by cubic meters

Which property measures the space taken up by an object?

The space taken up by an object is called volume.

How are length and volume alike?

They are measures of size in 1-dimensional space and 3-dimensional space, respectively.

What is spatial derivatives?

They are derivatives with respect to measures in space: normally length, area or volume.

What is the amount of space that measures in cubic units and occupied by a three dimensional object?


Does mass measure the same thing that volume does?

No, it does not. Mass is a measure of the amount of stuff that is there whereas volume measures the amount of space that the stuff occupies.

What is the volume of a block of wood that measures 1cm by 4cm by cm3?

The question cannot be answered because volume is a measure in 3-dimensional space and requires three measures. There are only two given in the question.

What does Volume measures?

Volume is the measure of the amount of space an object takes up, usually measured in centemeters cubed. You can measure it in liters, and milliliters as well.

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