What is the a circle's diameter?

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it is the length of a circle from left to right you basically double the radius which is half of the diameter.

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Q: What is the a circle's diameter?
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How do you find the diameter of water?

Only circles (or spheres) have a diameter

Do all circles have a diameter?


If a circles radius is 2.5cm what is the diameter?

The diameter of a circle is twice the radius.

What is the circles diameter if the circumference is 12.56?

diameter = 12.56/pi

How long is a penny?

Circles have a diameter, not length. The diameter of a US cent is 19 mm.

What is the circles diameter if the circumference is 31.4?

It is: diameter = 31.4/pi which is about 10 units

Pi is the ratio of a circles circumfrance to its what?

diameter ------------- Diameter. The R (radius) of a circle multiplied by two equals the diameter.

Radius is 3 cm what is diameter?

Since with circles the radius is half the diameter, the diameter would be 6 cm.

What is half of a circles diameter called?

It is the circle's radius

Is the diameter of a circle always the same?

Every diameter of the same circle is the same length, and unless someone comes alongand stretches the circle when you're not looking, the diameter doesn't change.So...YES-----------I disagree...No they are not... all circles would be the same size if that were the case.What remains a constant is that all circles are 360 degrees.==================================The question doesn't ask about " ... the diameter of circles ... ".It asks about " ... the diameter of a circle ... ".The diameter of circles is not always the same, butthe diameter of any one circle is always the same.P.S.: This is not the place to debate the answer.The "discussion area" is.

Where is the width and diameter of a rectangle?

A rectangle is an elongated square. It doesn't have a diameter; only circles have diameters.

What is the ratio to any circles circumference to the diameter?

The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is Pi. (3.14159)

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