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i don't think there is

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Q: What is the abbreviation of whole numbers?
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What is the abbreviation for irrational numbers?

There is no abbreviation.

What is the German word for the word number?

Depending on context, number can be translated as-NounNummerZahlZifferAnzahlVerbnummerierenzählenbeziffernZ is the symbol for the whole numbers or integers used in mathematics."From abbreviation of German Zahlen("numbers")."

What is the abbreviation of the word numbers?

The abbreviation for number is no./nos.

What is the abbreviation for natural numbers?


What is the abbreviation for rational numbers?


Is nos the correct plural of the word number?

No, I believe that's "numbers".The abbreviation of number is no. (from French nombre), the abbreviation of numbers is nos.

What are two ways in which whole numbers and decimal numbers are different?

Whole numbers are a proper subset of decimal numbers. All whole numbers are decimal numbers but not all decimal numbers are whole numbers.

How are decimals and whole numbers similar?

All whole numbers are decimal numbers.

Are rational numbers whole numbers?

The set of rational numbers includes all whole numbers, so SOME rational numbers will also be whole number. But not all rational numbers are whole numbers. So, as a rule, no, rational numbers are not whole numbers.

Why are different whole numbers not always a whole number?

Different whole numbers are always whole numbers, but I suspect you meant to ask about the difference between whole numbers. You can subtract two whole numbers and get a negative result. Whole numbers can't be negative.

Which couting numbers are also whole numbers?

Whole numbers can be positive or negative numbers. Numbers are whole as long as they have no fractins or decimals with them.

Do set of natural numbers contain sets of whole numbers?

No. Natural numbers are a subset of whole numbers. Negative numbers are whole numbers but not natural.