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The answer is -6!

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Q: What is the absolute value of the opposite of negative 6?
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What is negative 6 opposite absolute value?

The answer is always a positive number or zero. In this case just change the sign....+6 is your answer.

What is the absolute value of negative 6?


What is the absolute value of 0-6?


What is the absolute value to negative six?


What do you get if you add the absolute value of -3 to the opposite of -3?


Can two different numbers have the same absolute value?

Yes... that is, if one is the opposite of the other. For example: The absolute value of 6 is 6. The absolute value of -6 is 6. The absolute value is just the units a number is away from its orgin.

What is the absolute value of a positive and negative?

The absolute value of a number means how far a number is from zero.The absolute value of 6 would be 6 since it is 6 away from 0. For negative 6 it would also be 6 because it is still 6 away from 0.

What is the absolute value of negative four and five sixths?

The absolute value of - 4 5/6 is 4 5/6.

What is the absolute value of number 5?

5. The absolute number of anything, negative or positive is that number. Like the absolute value of 6 or abs(6) is 6 and the abs(-6) is 6.

Why is an integer sometimes less than its opposite?

An integer can be negative or positive, so if the integer is, let's say, -6. The opposite, or absolute value, of -6, is 6. So in this case, the opposite has more value than the actual integer. Does that answer the question? :D Best of luck, BrandonRocker98

What is negative 6 plus the absolute value of negative 11?

-6 + abs(-11) = -6 + 11 = 5

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