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it is subtraction not substraction

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Q: What is the advantage of using 2's complement method for substraction?
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Why are subtraction using 2's complement used in modern computerswhat are the difficulties with BCD or simple binary substractions?

Use of subtraction in 2's complement method has the advantage of simplicity!! just as logarithms are used to make difficult divisions into easy multiplications....2's complement method makes difficult subtractions into easy additions!! that's it!!

What is the advantage of using the method of substitution rather than using a graph?


What are advantages to using the table method when graphing a linear equation?

For a linear I can see no advantage in the table method.

What is the advantage of using prime factorization method in finding LCM?

it is fast and easy

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When adding 36424 and 24842 why is there no regrouping in the final step?

It's cause your not using substraction

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There is pretty much only 1 advantage of LIFO: tax deferral.

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What is the advantage of using an PLM

What is the two's complement form of -25 using 8 bits?

25 in Binary is 00011001, the one's complement of this is 11100110 and to find the two's complement add 1 to the one's complement as follows 11100110 00000001 ________ 11100111 ________

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Soft computing is softer and the other is harder. Did it make any sense? Of course no coz the question was also no nonsense.

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advantage of using template in an orgainsation

What is an advantage of using the method of substitution rather than using a graph or table to solve a system of linear equations?

You will obtain a more accurate answer than is possible using graphical methods. It's faster and less work than using a table.