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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

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Q: What is the algebraic expression for 8 less then the product of z and 19?
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What is the algebraic expression for z times 19?

The normal way to write z times 19 in an algebraic expression is 19z.

What is the difference between an algebraic expression and an algebraic equation?

An algebraic expression doesn't have an equal sign (e.g. 4x+7) whereas an algebraic equation does (e.g. 4x+7=19). 4x=19-7 4x=12 x=12/4 x=3

What is a subsitute given value for each variable in an algebraic expression?

Say you have an algebraic expression y = 3x +4 For a given value of x = 5 substitute that number in place of x in the expression, so in this case y = 3(5) + 4 = 19

What is algebraic expression for this pattern 3 4 7 12 19?

t(n) = n2 - 2n + 4

Which expression represents the product of an unknown number multiplied by 19?


How much less is the product of 6 and 5 than 49?

Product of 6 and 5 is 30. 30 is 19 less than 49

Baseball player chews 19 pieces of gum per game Write an algebraic expression to show how many pieces of gum he might chew in n games?


What is 19-3 in a verbal expression?

19-3 in a verbal expression = 16

What is the math expression of the sum7 and -2 subtract from the product -6 and-4?

(-6 x -4) - (7 - 2) which = 19

Find 3 consecutive numbers where the product of the smaller two numbers is 19 less than the square of the largest number.?

Find 3 consecutive numbers where the product of the smaller two numbers is 19 less than the square of the largest number.

What the expression for a number decreased by 19?

Let the number be x and so the expression is: x-19

The length of a rectangular classroom floor is 19 feet less than twice the width Which expression represents the area of the classroom floor 3w - 19 2w2 - 19 2w2 - 19w 6w - 38?

2w2 - 19w

What is the product of 19 and its opposite?

Well, for a product, you would be multiplying. So 19 and it's opposite, -19, you would multiply them to get a product of -361.

How would you write an algebraic equation twice a number plus 4 is 19?

It would be: 2x+4 = 19

What are 3 consecutive numbers where the product of the 2 smaller numbers is 19 less than the square of the largest number?


Which expression shows 6 more than 19?

19 + 6

The division expression of 4/19 is?


What is the product of 19 and 3.6?

Product means to multiply; 19 x 3.6 = 68.4

write the middle term -19 as?

A trinomial is an expression that consist of three terms (first term, middle term, and last term). The middle term is the sum of the product of outer terms and inner terms of the binomial.

What is the product of the prime numbers between 11 and 19?

Inclusive of 11 and 19 it is 46189 if not it is 221The product is: 11*13*17*19 = 46,189

Expression A number n increased by nineteen?


In the expression 7a plus b - 12 which is the constant?


What is -3x-5-14?

It is an expression that is equivalent to -3x-19.

Which is less -20 or 19?

-20 is less than 19.

What is the value of the expression -4 - -19?