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It is: 6x-5

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Q: What is the algebraic expression using 5 less six times a number?
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What is is the product of 43 percent and some number using algebraic expression?


Write the general algebraic expression for each using matchstick?

Write the general algebraic expression for each using matchstick?

Write an algebraic equation for the following The sum of twice a and four times y is equal to thirteen?

Write the following as an algebraic expression using x as the variable: The sum of a number and -8

Write the following in mathematical expression the sum of a number and ten?

Write the following as an algebraic expression using x as the variable: The sum of a number and -8

Write an algebraic expression for this word expression a number k minus 2.5?

k-2.5 An algebraic expression is just using variables (in this case, k) for unknown numbers. Since the question is asking what the number k minus 2.5 is, your answer is k-2.5.

Write one numerical expression and one algebraic expression then explain the difference between a numerical and algebraic expression is?

Numerical Expression: 1.) 20+2-8 ( Or any other number with two symbols on math ) Algebraic Expression: 2.) h x 2 ( Or any other number using only one symbol an a letter ) The difference between a numerical and algebraic expressions is that numerical expressions use only numbers, but algebraic expressions use letters as variables to represent numbers.

How do you Write as an algebraic expression A number decreased by 25 and multiplied by 4 using x as the variable?

(x - 25)*4

To find the value of a numerical of algebraic expression?

Evaluate using PEMDAS

How do you write a algebraic expression using 3.50t?

(e3.50t - t2)/(1 + t4)

What is the mathematics expression with two terms using Bi?

A binomial is an algebraic expression consisting of two terms separated by + or -.

What does the word more mean when you are using algebraic expression?

It means the same as it does in everyday use: having a greater value.

How do you factorize an algebraic expression using 32w 8 with the gcf?

If you mean: 32w+8 then it can be factored to 8(4w+1)

What is the answer to this question Benjamin made a rectangular sequence using coloured counters. a) Describe the pattern rule in words. b) Write an algebraic expression for the general term of the se?

Benjamin is using counters that are normally circular in shape so he will find it difficult to create rectangular shapes so it follows that an algebraic expression is not possible.

Find an algebraic expression using standard formulas the rate given that the distance is 200 feet and the time is x plus 3 seconds?

if x=-1 and y=3, what is the value of the expression 3x3_2xy?

What is the equation and answer for 5x - x -12 using multi step equations?


Leons age can be described as 1 less than 4 times his cousins age If his cousins age is represented by the variable m write the algebraic expression representing Leons age using m?

L = 4m - 1

What is a number or expression using a base and an exponent?

Most likely it is a logarithm.

How can show five less than a number using an expression?

bye using five or more

Use your virtual Algebra tiles. Make a square using one or more of each of the following types of tiles.x2-tilex-tile1-tileDescribe the area of your square using an algebraic expression?


What does the value of an expression mean?

If you replace variables in an expression by numbers (in case there are any variables) and then do the indicated operations, you get a number. That final number is the "value" of the expression.

How could you show five less than a number using an expression?

By using c-5=3or2

Mr Smith ordered 12900 dollars worth of vases from Italy and he paid x dollars for each one What is an expression for the number he bought in terms of x?

The algebraic expression using x (the price) and n (the number bought) isn * x = 12900 so dividing both sides by x givesn = 12900 / x -- where both 12900 and x were in dollars

What is the rule in finding the GCF?

The 'rule' is that you must find the LARGEST number or algebraic expression that divides evenly (no remainder) into both given numbers or expressions. This can be done by 'trial and error' using your knowledge of multiplication facts (tables) or it can be done thru a process of factoring and using common factors from both.

Which would be the appropiate expression to count the number of records using the Firstname Field?


What is the algebraic equation using n that can be used to find the nth term in the pattern 8163264?

A single number, such as 8163264, does not form a sequence.