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It is its volume or capacity.

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Q: What is the amount that a 3 dimensional shape can hold?
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Can a 3 dimensional shape hold liquid?

Not necessarily, if the 3 dimensional shape is a solid like a chunk of rock (with no cavity or hollow portion) it cannot contain liquid. There needs to be a cavity in the 3 dimensional shape.

What is an example of 2 and 3 dimensional shapes?

Well two dimensional means a flat shape, like a square, or a circle. A three dimensional shape means you can hold it, like the 3-D version of a square is a cube, and a 3-D circle is a sphere.

What is a 2 dimensional figure that can be folded into a 3 dimensional object?

The net of a 2 dimensional shape can be folded into a 3 dimensional shape

What is the amount of a space called a shape?

Do you mean area or volume? Volume is in a 3 dimensional plane while area is for a 2 dimensional plane.

What bonds usually hold large molecules in their 3-dimensional shape teriary structure?

Hydrogen Bonds

What 3 dimensional shape has 8 faces?

the 3 dimensional shape is a octagon, because their are 8 sides.

What is the maths term for volume mean?

It is the amount of three dimensional space occupied by a 3-d shape.

Is a cube dimensional?

A cube is a 3 dimensional shape

What do you call a 3 dimensional shape with 16 faces?

A 3 dimensional figure

What is a 200 shape called?

depends on if it is a 2 dimensional shape or 3 dimensional shape. Please be more specific.

What shape can be created by the given net?

A 3 dimensional shape can normally be created from a 2 dimensional net shape of it.

Is a cube a 2dimensional shape?

It is a 3-Dimensional shape.