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Well two dimensional means a flat shape, like a square, or a circle. A three dimensional shape means you can hold it, like the 3-D version of a square is a cube, and a 3-D circle is a sphere.

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Q: What is an example of 2 and 3 dimensional shapes?
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What is the similarities between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes?

No similarities!

How are 2 dimensional shapes different from 3 dimensional shapes?

They have one fewer dimension; they lack depth.

Which shape has a curve?

Many shapes have curves. Some curved shapes include:circle (2-dimensional)cone (3-dimensional)sphere (3-dimensional)cylinder (3-dimensional)

What is the relationship between 2 d and 3 d shapes?

3 dimensional shapes have breadth, width and depth whereas 2 dimensional shapes have only breadth and width

What is the difference between two dimensional shapes and three dimensional shapes?

2 dimensional shapes use the x and y planes where as 3 dimensional shapes use x, y and z planes.

What is the meaning for three dimensional shapes?

You know how 2-dimensional shapes are flat right? Well 3-dimensional means that it can go to and from you also.

Would you say that area is to 2-dimensional shapes as volume is to volume is to 2-dimensional figures?


What is a plane figure made up of 2- or 3- dimensional shapes?

There are infinitely many different plane figures that can be made up of 2-dimensional shapes - provided that they are all in the same plane. There cannot be any 3-dimensional shapes involved.

Are isosceles triangles 3-d shapes?

No because isosceles triangles are 2 dimensional shapes.

Do triangles have faces?

No.Faces relate to 3-dimensional objects, for example a tetrahedron, a cube. They are the 2-dimensional shapes that make up the surface of a 3-dimensional objectA triangle can be a face though, for example, a tetrahedron is made up of 4 triangular faces.

What 2-Dimensional shapes are most often associated with 3-Dimensional forms?

all regular polygons

What is the perimeter of a heart?

Perimeter is a concept which is relevant to closed 2-dimensional shapes, not 3 dimensional objects.

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