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Q: What is the answer for 20x3 12x2 5x 3?
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How do you factor 20x3 12x2 5x 3?

(5x + 3)(4x^2 + 1)

How do you factor -3 multiplied by 4xx-5x-5?

-3 and 4x2 - 5x - 5 are the factors of -12x2 + 15x + 15.

What is the answer to 12x2 -5x -3?

There is no equation or inequality, just an expression. An expression cannot have an answer.

How do you factor x3 plus 12x2-5x?

x3 + 12x2 - 5x = x(x2 + 12x - 5) = x(x + 6 - √41)(x + 6 + √41)

How do you factor x3 plus 12x2 5x?

First factor is x, but we need to know the sign of 5x in your equation...

Factor 12x2 plus 5x - 2?

(4x - 1) (3x + 2)

What are the x-intercepts of the graph of y equals 12x2 - 5x - 2?

Using the quadratic equation formula: x = -1/4 and x = 2/3

How do you factor 12x4 plus 10x3-12x2?

You would first factor out anything that is common between the 3 parts. 2x2 is the greatest common factor. To pull out the 2x2, you divide each term by 2x2 like so:12x4/2x2=6x210x3/2x2=5x-12x2/2x2=-6We now know that 12x4+10x3-12x2= 2x2(6x2+5x-6)The next step involves using the "slip and slide" method for the trinomial inside the parentheses:6x2+5x-6x2+5x-36(x+9)(x-4)(x+9/6)(x-4/6)(x+3/2)(x-2/3)(2x+3)(3x-2)Remembering that the result for the slip and slide method only accounts for 6x2+5x-6 we must multiply (2x+3)(3x-2) by 2x2.Your final answer is 2x2(2x+3)(3x-2).

Do you have an example of constant?

Constant TermDefinition of Constant TermThe Constant Term in an expression or equation has a fixed value and does not contain variables.Examples of Constant TermThe constant term in the equation 6x2 - 3x + 5 is 5.Solved Example on Constant TermChoose the value of the constant term in the expression,- 12x2 + 5x +1.Choices:A. 5B. 1C. 0D. - 12Correct Answer: BSolution:Step 1: - 12x2 + 5x +1. [Original expression.]Step 2: The Constant Term in an algebraic expression or equation has a fixed value and does not contain variables.Step 3: Therefore, 1 is the constant term in the expression, - 12x2 + 5x +1.There You Go Baby ;]

How do you factor 12x2-9x?

3x(4x - 3)

How much is a twenty times three minus three?

If it is 20(3-3) it is equal to 0. 20X3-3= 57

How would you factor 8x5 plus 6x2 - 20x3 - 15?

(2x^2 - 5)(4x^3 + 3)