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Rounding just the solution to the nearest thousand, 123 + 456 is approximately equal to 1000.

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Q: What is the answer for only rounding 123 plus 456 to the nearest hundred?
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Related questions

How do you Add 0.889 plus 0.32 plus 0.0033 and round to the nearest hundred?

0.889 + 0.32 + 0.0033 = 1.2123 Rounding that to the nearest hundred is zero. Rounding that to the nearest hundredth is 1.21

Which is better rounding off to nearest ten or rounding off to nearest hundred?

There is no universal "better". Rounding off is a trade-off between reducing the accuracy and simplifying calculations. Also, if there are other numbers in an addition that are rounded to the nearest hundred, there is no point in rounding your number to the nearest ten.

332 plus 168 round to nearest hundred?

332 + 168 = 500 which does not need rounding.

What is the approximate value of 11 plus 26?

rounding this question to the nearest hundred, the answer is 0 rounding this question to the nearest ten, the answer is 40 the most specific i can get this answer is aproximately 37.0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0O0

Does rounding to the nearest 10 or 100 give the most reasonable answer for 157.93 plus 104.52?

157.93 plus 104.52 = 262.45Rounding to the nearest hundred this becomes 300. Rounding to the nearest ten this becomes 260.In this instance rounding to the nearest ten is more reasonable.

What is 45 plus 39 rounding?

45 + 39 = 84, so if you want to round to the nearest ten, that's 80, or nearest hundred is 100. Otherwise, it doesn't turn out to a decimal, so it doesn't need rounding to the nearest one.

What is 5381 plus 5897 rounded to the nearest hundred?

5381 + 5897 = 11,278. Rounding that to the nearest 100 gives 11,300.

What is 36 plus 26 plus 24 plus 79 estimate by rounding to the nearest ten?


What is 525 plus 353 rounded to the nearest hundred?

Rounded to the nearest hundred, 525 + 353 is approximately equal to 900.

What is the solution of the estimate of 42.346 plus 37.987?

Rounding both numbers to the nearest ten it is about 80

What is 434.675 plus 102.494 to the nearest hundred?

It is 500.00

Estimate 5.12 plus 4.35 by first rounding to the nearest whole number?

It is 5 + 4 = 9.

What is 7.528 plus 6.075 rounding to the nearest ones?

8 + 6 = 14

What is 23.15 plus 45.78 to the nearest hundredth?

23.15 + 45.78 = 68.93 That is already at the nearest hundredth, so it does not need any further rounding.

What is the answere for 15.24 plus 32.10 using rounding?

The question can not be answered because you did not specify to what level of rounding to use. Please restate the question. If you round to the nearest integer, the answer is 47.

Estimate by rounding each amount to the nearest dollar 13.13 plus 18.64?

13.13 equates to 13 and 18.64 equates to 19 dollars (After Rounding) 13 + 19 = 32 dollars

Estimate 5.12 plus 4.35 by first rounding to the nearest whole number.?

The estimated answer is 20.

8653 plus 8492 estimate to the nearest hundred?

8653 + 8492 = 17145 17145 to nearest 100 is 17100

What is the lowest number that rounds to 700 when you round to the nearest hundred?

650. Although acccording to the "round-to-even" rule, (for example the IEEE 754 standard for rounding), it would be a 650 would be rounded down to 600 but 650 plus a tine bit would be rounded up to 700.

How do you round 3456770 to the nearest hundred thousand?

Your 3,456,770 rounded off to the nearest hundred thousand (100,000) is 3,500,000 here. It's 3 million 4 hundred thousand plus 56 thousand odd more. Remember that the way we round off is to look at the number to the right of the place where we wish to round off. If it is a 5 or larger, we round up, and for less than 5, we round down. Do not be confused by the other "big" numbers because we only look at the one number to the right of the place where we're rounding off. Just that onenumber.

What ia 9126 plus 6953 Rounded to the nearest hundred?

9126 + 6953 ------------- 16079 16079 rounded to the nearest hundred is 16100 - because 79 is closer to 100.

What is the estimate of 35 plus 67 by rounding each number to the nearest ten?

35 will be rounded up to 40 and 67 to 70 40 + 70 = 110

How do you round 12 plus 0.25 plus 4.75?

12 + 0.25 + 4.75 = 17. That would be rounded to 17 to the nearest integer, 20 to the nearest ten, and 0 to the nearest hundred, thousand, (and higher powers of 10).

How do you Round 7659.987 to the nearest hundred?

7659.987 is 7,600 plus more than one half of one hundred. Subtract the 59.987 and add 100, for a rounded amount of 7,700.

What is the cost of a 22.95 shirt plus 7 percent sales tax?

$22.95 x 0.07 = 1.6065. Rounding up to the nearest tenth, the tax would be $1.61 or $24.56 total for the shirt including the tax.

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