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"4 and 230" is just a list of two numbers.

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

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Q: What is the answer to 4 and 230 using distributive property?
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Multiply using distributive property 4 times 38?


4(x plus y) using distributive property?

It is 4x + 4y.

How do you use the distributive property to divide 72 divided by 4?

72.divided 4 in distributive property

What is an example for the distributive property using parenthesis?

2x(4+8) = 2x(4) and 2x(8)

What is the distributive property of 188 divided by 4?


How do you do 18x4 in distributive property?

18(4) 72 I distributed the 18 into the 4 and using multiplication I got 72.

Is 3s plus 4 distributive property?


What is the greatest common factor of 36 and 54 using the distributive property?

The GCF is 18. The Distributive property states that 36 x (50 + 4) = (36 x 50) + (36 x 4)

What is the distributive property for 5467?


What is 19 times fourteen written in distributive property and solved?

19*14 = 19*(10 + 4) = 19*10 + 19*4 = 190 + 76 = 266 (You could use the distributive property again to split 19 into 10 + 9 but that is multiplying by 19 is simple enough and using the distributive property for that is just laziness.

What is the distributive property of 4 times 444?

The distributive property involves two differentoperations - usually addition and multiplication in the same calculation.

What does the distributive property allow you to do?

The distributive property of multiplication over addition allows you to partition a multiplication problem into simpler chunks: For example: 4*57 = 4*(50+7) = 4*50 + 4*7 that last step used the distributive property = 200 + 28 = 228

What is the distributive property of 54x67?

Your question does not make sense. An example of the distributive property is 5 x (3 + 4) = (5 x 3) + (5 x 4).

What is the distributive property for 20x12?

2(10x6) 4(5x3)

What is distributive property of 280 divided by 4?


What is the distributive property of 16 24?


What is the letter answer for 4(m-3) for distributive property?

There is no letter answer.

What is -3(4 plus 2) in distributive property?


What is expressions like 4(3 2)and 4(3) 4(2)?

This expression is an example of the Distributive Property. The expression a(b+c) = ab +ac is true because of the Distributive Property.

What is the distributive property of 20 35?

The distributive property is a property that is relevant to two binary operations, not to numbers. 5(4 + 7)

How do you write an equivalent expression for 4x plus 4y plus 4z using the distributive property?

It is: 4(x+y+z)

How do you do the distributive property?

An example of how to use the distributive property: If you have 6x(5+4) you multiply 6x by 5 and get 30x. Then you multiply 6x by 4 and get 24x and then you would have 30x+24x which = 54x

How do you use distributive in a sentence?

The distributive property is often associated with parenthesis in math.

What is the gcf and distributive property of 16 and 12?

GCF(16, 12) = 4. The distributive property is an attribute of two mathematical operations - not of numbers.

What is the distributive property of 9 plus 36?

9(1 + 4)