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Q: What is the answer to 6xy to the second power times 3x to the seventh power y to the second power?
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What is 2xy divided by 6xy to the second power reduced?


What is the LCM of 6xy to the second and 21y to the second z?


What is 9x-6xy?

9x-6xy = 3

What is the LCM of 3x and 2y?

Since there are no common factors, just multiply everything: 3x times 2y = 6xy

What is the degree for 6xy to the third power?

The degree for 6xy to the 3rd power is equal to the addition of the exponents of equal polynomial that means 1+3 (1 for the x and 3 for the y) and you get an answer of a 4th degree polynomial

How do you factorise -9y-6 6xy 4x?


What is 2xy plus 6xy?

2xy + 6xy = 8xy

Is 6xy a monomial?

yes 6xy is a monomial. A+LS

What is 12 x to the power of 3 y - 18 xy to the power of 2?

6xy(2x2 - 3y)

What is the verbal sentence for 6xy equals 24?

Six times Y = 24.

Three times the product of twice a number y and x?


How do you factor 2x2 6xy?

If that's +6xy, the answer is 2x(x + 3y) If that's -6xy, the answer is 2x(x - 3y)

What type of problem is -6xy plus 0 equals -6xy?

Totally pointless

What is 6xy plus 12y simplified?

6xy +12y = 6y (x+2)

What is the simplest form of 12x over 6xy?

It is: 12x/6xy = 2/y simplified

5xy 4x 9y-5y 6y 6xy?


What is the simplest form of the fraction 6xy over 105xyz?

6xy over 105xyz = 2/35z

What property is -6xy 0-6xy?

If the question was -6xy = 0 - 6xy, then it is the additive identity property of 0. However, due to limitations of the browser used to post questions, most symbols are not visible to us. It is, therefore, difficult for me to be sure what your question was. Hoped I guessed correctly.

What is the GCF of 6xy 9x and 3y?

The GCF is 3.

Is 6xy a binomial?

no or false

What is 6xy over 16y in its simplest form?

6xy/16y = 3x/8 (as long as y≠0) = 3/8x

What is the greatest common factor of 18xyz and 54xy2?

18xyz = 3*6xyz54xy2 = 9*6xy*yso the GCF is 6xy

How do you simplify 5x3y4 parenthesis 6xy negative1 parenthesis2 the 3 4 negative 1 and 2 are powers?

5x33y4(6xy)-1First, the (6xy) can be moved to the bottom, and the 1 becomes positive. (And since anything to the first power is itself, the 1 goes away):5x33y4/(6xy)x3/x is x2 and y4/y is y3 and (5x3)/6 is 5/2, so this can be simplified to:(5/2)x2y3

How do you factor 2x squared plus 6xy?

2x2 + 6xy = 2x (x + 3y)

How do you factor 6xy-y?

Both terms 6xy and -y have a "y" term in them. So, you can pull out a Y from each, so you'll have y(6x - 1).