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Q: What is the answer to 987654321 and it has to equal 99 and only using addition?
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How can you make the equation 987654321 equal 100 by only using addition signs?

98 - 76 + 54 + 3 + 21 = 100 :D

How can you make the equation 987654321 equal 0 by only using two plus signs and one minus sign?

-987 + 654 + 321 = 0 .

How do you get three fives to equal six using only addition subtraction multiplication and division?

5 divided by 5, plus 5

How do you make numbers 1-9 equal 100 by using only addition?

For example, by adding 1 + 1 + 1 ... (a total of 100 times).

Can growing patterns only involve multiplication and addition?

It can also include addition and multiplication using negative and positive numbers.

How do you get any of the same three numbers to equal one greater then them using only addition subtraction division and multiplication?

Divide the first two of the same three numbers by eachother, and then add the third same number to the answer you get.

Is 1.58 greater than 1.580?

No. They are equal. The only difference is the addition of the "0" in the thousandth place - and it has no value.

Write an addition expression using the number 7 only it should be the same as 11x7?

70 + 7

How can you figure out 123456789 equals 100 only using addition and subtraction?


Can sums all rows equal 13 using 1 9 only once?


What expression using 1234 only once to equal 8?

What is 4 divided by 1,234

Can sums all rows equal 14 using 1-9 only once?


What expression using 1234 only once to equal 34?

The answer is 34(1)^2.

How do you divide a rectangle into 8 equal parts using only 3 lines?

have have to divide them

How many different times can you make 150 using 3 square numbers?

If the only operation is addition, then 3.

How can the numbers 1 through 9 be put in an addition problem by using each number only once?

it cant

Do 2 negative in addition equal a positive?

No it doesn't. It only occurs in multiplication or in brackets. For example do -1+-1 which equals -2.

Using eight eights and addition only can you make 1000?

Yes, 888+88+8+8+8=1000

How can i equal 99 by only using four 4's?

4/4% - 4/4

Is 7 plus x equals x plus 7 an example of the identity property of addition?

Yes, but only when x is equal to zero.

How do you make an equivalent expression to 64 using only three sevens parentheses an exponent of two addition and division?


How many combinations to make 40 by using the numbers 12 and 4?

Assuming that the only permitted operation is addition, then there are 4 combinations.

How many milliliters is a milligram?

You are using a term for volume and term for weight. They are only equal when referencing water.

Using numbers 0-9 make addition problem only using once?


Are twenty eggs equal to 1qt liquid eggs?

If you are using large eggs, 20 would be approximately equal to one quart. If you are using extra-large eggs, you might only need about 16 eggs to make a quart.

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