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Q: What is the answer to a-3 plus a-3?
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A3 plus b3 equals?


Formula for a3 plus b3 plus c3?


What is the formula of a3 plus b3?

(a+b)3=a3+b3+3ab(a+b) a3+b3=(a+b)3-3ab(a+b) a3+b3=(a+b)(a2-ab+b2)

What sign is used for addition in Excel?

The plus sign. + To add values in the cells A3 and B3 you would do the following: =A3+B3

What is the answer for 3 over a plus 2 over a to the second power minus 1 over a to the third power?

a≠ 0,LCD = a33/a + 2/a2 - 1/a3= (3/a)(a2/a2) + (2/a2)(a/a) - 1/a3= 3a2/a3 + 2a/a3- 1/a3= (3a2 + 2a -1)/a3

In Excel the plus sign is an example of an operand in a worksheet formula?

The plus sign is an operator, not an operand. An operand is something that an operator operates on. For example, A3 and 10 are the operands in the following formula and the operator is the plus sign. =A3+10

A3 - 2a2 plus 4a - 8?

a3 - 2a2 + 4a - 8 = a2(a - 2) + 4(a - 2) = (a - 2)(a2 + 4)

How do you factor a3-9a2 plus 3a?

a(a^2 - 9a + 3)

WHAT IS a to the power 3 plus b to the power 3?


What are possible answers to a3 equals b3 plus c3?

There are no whole solutions

Why would you add a plus sign when doing a cell reference in Excel?

A plus sign is the symbol that represents addition. If you put A1 + A2 in cell A3, you will see the result of the addition of the contents of A1 and A2 in cell A3.

If a3 plus 2 under root 2then find the value of a square plus 1 upon a square?

It is 34.