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-4 take away 4 equals -8

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Q: What is the answer to negative 4-4 equals?
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Can you simplify negative 4 times negative 11?

Ya. It would be 44. -4x(-11)=44 Because a negative times a negative equals a positive, and when you are simplifying an equation, then you want everything to be narrowed down until you can't anymore.

What does 20 minus negative 24 equal?

The problem 20 minus negative 24 equals 44 because two negatives become a positive.

What is negative 44 plus negative 21?

(-44) + (-21) = -65

Positive times a negative equals?

positive times negative equals negative. positive times positive equals positive. negative times negative equals positive

Negative plus negative equals what?

A negative plus a negative equals a negative.

Negative times a positive equals?

Negative times a positive equals a negative.

What times what equals 30 and also equals negative 11?

Five times six equals thirty. Negative five plus negative six equals negative 11.

44 oz equals how many lb?

44 ounces equals 2.75 pounds.

What is 54 plus negative 44?

54 + (-44) = 54 - 44 = 10

What is 44 squared?

44 squared equals 1936.

What is what times 4 equals 44?


What is negative 44 subtracting negative 19?


Negative added to a negative equals?


Negative plus negative equals?

A negative.

What does negative 32 plus 7 equals?

It equals negative 25!!

What are the negative and positive rules in math?

A negative times a negative equals a positive A negative times a positive equals a negative A positive times a positive equals a positive

44 out 223.7 equals what percent?

44 out of 223.7 = 19.7%

What times it self equals 1936?

44 x 44

What times 2 equals 44?

22 = 44 / 2

What divided by 7 equals 44?

It is: 308/7 = 44

What does a negative plus a negative mean?

A negative plus a negative equals a negative.

Negative plus a negative positive?

nope negative plus negative equals a negative -2+(-4)=-6 but negative times negative equals a positive

Negative times a negative?

A negative times a negative equals a positive

Explain in your own words how we add numbers with different signs?

Positive plus positive equals positive. Negative plus negative equals negative. Positive greater than negative equals positive. Negative greater than positive equals negative.

What is 36 divided by negative 6?