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the answer is -3x = 0

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Q: What is the answer to negative 6x plus 9 equals 9-3x?
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Is y equals negative 7 plus 6x?

Not necessarily.

4x plus 7 equals 6x plus -7?

4x + 7 = 6x -7 14=2x so x = 7 (plus a negative # is simply - that number)

What is the slope of the graph of 6X plus 12Y equals 7?

negative one and a half

What is the answer to this math problem negative 6x plus 2 equals negative16?


What is the perpendicular line to y equals -6x plus 3?

y = -6x + 3 Multiply the slope by the negative reciprocal y = 1/6x + 3

6x plus 7y equals 96 6x - 7y equals 12?


What is 6x plus 3 equals 8x plus 14?

6x plus 3 equals 8x plus 14 when solved mathematically is equal to x = -5.5.

What is the slope for y equals -6x plus 4?


What equals 6x plus x?

6x+x = 7x

X2 plus 6x plus 8 equals?

The quadratic expression x2+6x+8 when factorised equals (x+2)(x+4)

What is 3x squared plus 6x-3 equals 8 in the form of Ax squared plus Bx plus C equals 0?

It is: 3x2+6x-11 = 0

What is 6x plus 3y-2x plus 5y?

6x plus 3y minus 2x plus 5y equals 4x plus 8y.

WHAT DOES 100 equals 3x plus 6x plus 10 equals?


5x plus x - 6x plus 2x equals 9?

5x + x - 6x + 2x = 2x

6x plus 3 8x plus 14?

6x plus 3 equals to 8x plus 14 would lead to x = - 5.5.

What is the direction opening of y equals -3x2 plus 6x-13?

The coefficient of x2 is -3 which is negative. Therefore the curve is downward opening.

What is the answer to 6x plus 4y equals 62 and 5x plus 3y equals 51?


What is x plus 6 equals?


What is -6x plus 3y equals -5 as a function?


7x plus 2 equals 6x plus 2?

7x + 2 = 6x + 2 if and only x = 0.

If AE equals 8x-3 and 6x plus 7 then AC equals?


What is 9x plus 27 equals 6x plus 66?


What is 6x plus 34 equals 4x plus 284?

6x + 34 = 4x +284 6x - 4x = 284 - 34 2x = 250 x = 125

What is 4x plus 6x plus 6x plus 9?

16x+9 without the rest of the equation, what this equals, I can't solve

What is 6x plus 4 equals 52?

6x+4=52 6x=48 x=8