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Q: What is the answer to negative three equals negative five plus n over 3?
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Related questions

What is negative three over five as a decimal?


What is negative three over seven plus negative five?

((negative 3) / 7) + (negative 5) = -5.42857142857 when calculated.

Is one over three equivalent to five over fifthteen?

Yes, one-thirds equals five fifteenths.

X over two minus four equals negative five?

If you say so!

What is the value of x if 3ax plus a equals 5a?

Five thirds (five over three)

How do you simplify negative 8 over negative 8?

negative 8 over negative 8 equals 1 (anything over itself equals to 1)

What is x in negative three fourths times x equals eleven twelves?

negative 33 over 12

Four over five divided by two over three equals?

1 1/5.

What is three over eight plus one over four equals?

Five over eight. 5/8

Is a slope of negative five parallel to a slope of 1 over negative point 2 since 1 divided by negative point 2 equals -5?


Eight minus w over ten equals three over five?

yazen is so cool

What is negative three and five sixths plus negative twelve sevenths?

It is negative 233 over 42 = - 233/42 or - 523/42

Negative 6 over 5 K equals 12?

The answer to negative 6 over 5K equals 12 is k equals -10.

What does thirteen over fifty six plus five over seven equals?

fifty-three over fifty-six

What is y over three plus y over four equals five over six?


What fraction is equvilent to negative three over five?

- 3/5 = - 9/15 = ...

4 over 9 w equals negative 8?

The answer to the problem of 4 over 9w equals negative 8 is w equals -18.

Is 2 over 3 more than 10 over 15?

They are equal. On ten over fiteen, divite ten by five and fifteen by five, it equals two over three.

What is the slope and y-intercept of 2x-3y equals 5?

The slope is negative two over three. the y intercept is about negative 1.7.

What is negative five over twelve plus negative three over four?

The sum of -5/12 and -3/4 is -1 1/6

One over four divided by negative two over five?

The answer to 1/4 divided by -2/5 equals -0.025. This is a math problem.

Negative 32 minus 3 over 5 f equals negative 17?

No, it equals -7f.

What is the reciprocal of negative five over six?

negative 6 over 5

Five over seven equals what over thirty five?

25 over 35

What is N if N plus three over eight equals negative four?

N = -4 and 3/8