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t2+ t - 42

it can't be simplified anymore

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Q: What is the answer to t squared plus t minus 42?
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What is the remainder when 15t2 squared minus t minus15t plus 3?

15t2 squared-t-15t+3=15t squared-14t+3

How do you factor 18x squared plus 9xt plus t squared?

(6x + t)(3x + t)

What is the factor of 2t squared minus 1t minus 3?

(t + 1)(2t - 3)

How do you solve-t5t squared plus t?

_t(5t squared t+)

Is t plus t equals 2t or t squared?


What is the factors of 28 t squared minus 17 t minus 3?

28 t2 - 17 t - 3 = (7t + 1) x (4t - 3)

Does t plus t equals t squared or 2t?

t+t=2tand t*t= t squaredyou would only get t squared if you multiplied

Can you factor the expression three t squared plus sixteen t plus five?

(3t + 1)(t + 5)

How do you factorise 169 - t squared?

I think the answer is (13-t)(13+t) because when you expand the brackets some of it cancells out like +169 - 169. As they are the same (but ones got a plus and ones got a minus) they cancel each other out. :)

What does T squared and T squared mean?

T squared is T times T. T squared and T squared appears to be the addition of T squared with itself. That answer would be 2T squared or 2T^2

What is t squared - 19t - 270?

That doesn't factor neatly. Applying the quadratic equation, we find two real solutions: (19 plus or minus the square root of 1441) divided by 2t = 28.480252896102307t = -9.480252896102307

How could you represent the following in algebraic terms 7 squared plus t?


What are the factors for t squared minus thirtysix?

t2 - 36 = (t - 6)(t + 6) This pattern is often called the difference of squares.

How do you factor -4.9t squared plus 39.2t?

t(39.2 - 4.9t)

T2 minus 59t plus 54 minus 82t2 plus 60t?

t2 - 59t + 54 - 82t2 + 60t = - 81t2 + t + 54

What does t plus mean?

T plus (or T minus) usually refers to a specified time, plus or minus however many minutes. So for example, when NASA launches the space shuttle, they have very specific launch times calculated down to the minute - 07:43 AM. So instead of referring to that specific time, when it may be sensitive information anyway, they refer to it as "T-time". Knowing this we can say that T plus 10 minutes is 07:53 AM, and T minus 10 minutes is 07:33 AM.

What is t plus v squared?

All that can be said, based on the available information is: t + v2

How do you factor 12t squared minus t plus 4?

That doesn't factor neatly. Applying the quadratic formula, we find two imaginary solutions: (1 plus or minus the square root of -191) divided by 24t = 0.0416666 repeating + 0.5758447900452189it = 0.0416666 repeating - 0.5758447900452189iwhere i is the square root of negative one.

What does t mean in the equation...42 equals 18t plus 4t plus 5?


Evaluate t-7over w for t equals -3 and w equals -2?

(t-7)/w = (-3-7)/-2 = -10/-2 = +5 ( minus over minus = plus)

What is 7 squared plus t?

72 = 49.72 + t = 49 + t

What is the binomial factors of t squared minus 12t minus 45?

(t + 3)(t - 15)Ask yourself, what factors of - 45 add up to - 12 ?t = - 3t = 15

How do you factor n squared minus 100t?

n2 - 100t write t = (√t)2 = n2 - (10√t)2 = (n - 10√t)(n + 10√t)

Tcubed plus 4t squared plus 4t LCM?

That's one term. You need at last two to find an LCM. That factors to t(t + 2)(t + 2)

How do t factor 25a squared minus 16?

The square root of 25a squared is 5a. The square root of 16 is 4.So the answer is (5a+4)(5a-4)