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Is the diameter of a circle was 11cm the radius would be 5.5cm as two radii equals a diameter.

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Q: What is the answer to the diameters equals 11 cm what would the radius be?
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What is the radius of A equals 121 pi cm squared?

radius = 11 cm

What is the surface area of a cylinder if the radius is 3 and the height is 11?

The surface area of a cylinder if the radius is 3 and the height is 11 equals 263.9 square units.

What is x2 over 64 minus y2 over 121 equals 1?

This is an equation that describes an ellipse. Its center would be located at the point (0, 0), its x radius would be 8, and its y radius would be 11.

What is the center and the radius of the circle with this equation x2 plus y2 equals 121?

Centre = (0,0), the origin; radius = 11

What is the radius of a 11 circle?

5.5 is the radius.

In diameters how far away is it from the earth to the sun?

The distance from Earth to Sun is about 150 million kilometers. It isn't clear what you mean with "in diameters".

What is the radius of a diameter of 11 cm?

radius = 11/2 = 5.5 cm

X2 y2 equals 121 what is the radius?

If this is the equation of a circle, the answer is 11, except that there needs to be a plus sigb between the x2 and the y2

Does one measure a disco ball by it's radius or diameter?

Its usually defined by the diameter of the ball, like an 11 inch disco ball would have a diameter of 11 inches, not a radius of 11 inches.

If the length of a diameter of a circle is 11 what is the length of a radius of this circle?

the radius is half the diameter. radius is half of 11. Which is 5.5.

What is the radius of a circle with the circumference of 69.1?

The radius is 11.

If the radius was 11 what would the area be?

Area of the circle: pi*11^2 = 121*pi square units

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