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It is: 2.25/5.4 = 5/12

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Q: What is the answer to two and one fourth divided by five and two fifths?
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Two fifths divided by one half?

one fourth

What is 2 and three fifths divided by one-fourth?

It rounds to one.

What is four fifths divided by one fourth?


What is three fifths divided by one tenths?

sixteen and two fourth

What is one divided by seven fifths?

five sevenths

What is three fifths three fifths three fifths?

It is twenty seven divided by one hundred twenty five.

What is nine tenths divided by one fourth?

3.6, or 3 and three-fifths.

What is one and five eights divided by a half?

Two fifths

What is one and three fifths divided by five sixths?


What is two fifths of the product of five sixths?

one eighth of a three fourth

What is forty five seventy fifths divided by one third?


What is three fifths of one fourth?

Three fifths of one fourth is equivalent to 0.15.

What is two and four fifths divided by five and one third?


What is five eighths divided by two and one fourth equals?

five eighteenths

What is five divided by six and one fourth?

5 divided by 6 and 1/4 = 4/5

How many fifths in one and four fifths?

One is five fifths. Five fifths and four fifths is nine fifths.

What is two fifths divided by one fifth?

Two fifths divided by one fifth is two.

What is five halves divided by one-fourth?

5/2 divided by 1/4 is 10.

How many fifths are in one?

Five fifths is one.

What is six and one fourth times four fifths?

6 1/4 x 4/5 is five.

What is five fifths of twenty five?

Five fifths is equivalent to 1 so five fifths of anything will be exactly one of the "anything"5 fifths of 25 will therefore be - what do you know! - 25.

Two fifths divided by one sixth?

one and two fifths :P

What is three and one third divided by two fifths?

Three and one third divided by two fifths = 81/3

What is a bigger fraction two fifths or one fourth?

Two fifths is bigger.

What is the answer to five and a half times 4 fifths?

five and a half=5.5 four fifths=.8 since one divided by five is .2 and four .2's (4x.2)=.8 5.5x.8=4.4, or four and 2 fifths four and two fifths is the answer.